New Grapefruit Plants!

SaxophoniumOctober 5, 2012

So i planted a grapefruit seed from a grapefruit i had to see if anything would happen and two sprouts grew! I moved them a bit away from one another. Ive never grown anything before, any tips for growing grapefruit trees? Anything in particular i should be doing for them besides watering them?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Wouldn't you like to separate those little bambina into their own small containers before their roots begin to co-mingle? They'll be happier if grown independently, whether your intent is to grow them in containers forever or plant them in the ground at some point. The roots of young plants grow astonishingly fast....and are very fragile. The sooner they can be isolated, the better.

As far as pointers'll find an enormous amount of excellent information if you spend some time skimming over old threads in this forum. You'll need information about potting medium and fertilizer right away. I'd suggest that you do your homework in the forum first, then come back to us with your questions.

Growing citrus plants from seed is fun....they're pretty easy and a great way to get some experience under your belt without spending a lot of money. Later on, if you enjoy watching these little babies grow, you'll love purchasing your first grafted trees.

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My tip: PATIENCE. You may not get any fruit for 8-10 years. I have one citrus I'm growing from seed, and it's about 3 years old now, and I'm trying to be patient with it. I want to hurry it along.

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Are those the cutest little things!


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