New to Dahlias- blooms for spring, summer, fall?

sqftgarden_in_wncJuly 1, 2008

I have a small vegetable garden and have done those and perrenials from seed. I am new to Dahlias. Are there types that bloom at different times during the spring, summer and fall? I have a front bed that has some perrenials in now (I am really just getting started with it) and would like to add dahlias up there. Currently that bed has echinacea purpurea, Lamb's Ear, Flat Leaf Sage, Rosemary and Columbine and some stuff I am pulling out because I didn't like it. That's what the dahlia's would replace in the center of the bed. The Rosemary is getting put in this week and I have some Unwin's Dwarfs from seed I'm putting in. Once I get the stuff out that I don't like, I'll post a pic of the bed because I know that will help. In the meantime, I thought I'd get a jump start and get the main question answered so I can decide what to put here. The bed gets good AM sun and light shade in the afternoon. There is a big old maple behind and to the left of it for shade in the afternoon. It has been getting about 90 degrees or so in the afternoons, so I thought I'd put them where they won't get too scorched.

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At this point in the summer, it is very late to be planting dahlia tubers. I would find a nursery that has them in bloom already and plant them in your bed. Dahlias love the sun, so I am not sure about afternoon sun. I would see how they do, and if they do well, plan on getting dahlia tubers in the ground around mid April next Spring

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

Dahlias probably can't be over-wintered in your area. If you get frost in the ground, you shouldn't leave them in over the winter.

Of the 43 varieties I grew this year, they took between 8 and 84 days to grow enough to get above ground. The average was 31 days. You wouldn't want them to be above ground while there was still frost in the air (this gives you and idea of when they can be planted in the spring.)

They should start blooming between 90 and 120 days after they're planted.

Each variety should describe whether its an early or late bloomer (or neither.)

They'll then bloom until frost kills the stem. Then can then be lifted, stored over winter, and the tubers planted out next spring. Alternatively, you can take cuttings in the spring...see my propagating dahlias photo set:


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