moving a grown dahlia?

threeorangeboysJuly 31, 2007

So, I have a tall dahlia that is doing well, but it isn't in enough sun. I don't think it is going to bloom unless I move it. Is that a really bad idea? will that be too big a hit for the plant to take? It is about four feet tall.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Move lots of soil, and try not to disturb the roots. You may need to give it some protection from the more intense light for a while. Stake it well as the root will not have a firm grip of the soil yet. Consider some transplant food as well.

Moving in this hot weather is always a challenge, but that is what gardeners can't resist. :)

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I would consider cutting the plant back, say 1/3 of plant. My method would be to take off the very bottom leaves, plant a bit lower and chop off all the growing shoots to a point. I know it sounds harsh but it will help it establish in no time and in your zone, there is penty of time for fine fall flowers!

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And you could root the top that you cut off, giving you more dahlais. That's always a good thing! :0)

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Oooh! How do I root it? Didn't know I could do that!

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OooH!!!!!! I want to know too!!!!! I was just searching threw trying to find out how to get seeds off my Dahlia plant. (if that is even posable) This is my first year ever having a garden and I'm obsessed now! I have some pink and yellow Dahlia I just LOVE. And they look so nice with my Sunflowers!! I want more and more :) Thanks!!!

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How often does everyone water there 3 feet or taller dahlia plants? What do you use (hose & attachment, watercan, sprinkler system. And how much is too much water??

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I've moved full grown, blooming dahlia plants before with lots of success. They'll droop for awhile, but generally come back with no problem. I'd shelter them from the sun for a few days. I have some holes in my garden where dahlias didn't come up or didn't look good after they did so I move some from my "reserve" garden to fill those spaces. One year my step-sister decided to get married very quickly. We had a long driveway and my Mother wanted dahlias lining the driveway. She moved plants from where they couldn't be seen to the driveway and they looked beautiful by the time the wedding happened. I, personally, wouldn't cut them back at this stage.

How much you water depends totally on the weather and your soil. Are you having any rain at all? The optimum way to water is with a soaker hose or "t-tape" (which is what I use). It's better not to get the water on the leaves -- helps prevent diseases. If you have only a few, using the hose directly on the plant would be good. I'd just let it run at the base of the plant gently for a while. They don't need water daily.


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