Tangerine Tree Cold Hardiness

Parkboy126(6)October 29, 2011

Hello, I have a tangerine tree that I just acquired from my mother that planted this tree from a seed from a tree that she has had for 25-30 yrs. She recently moved from Los Angeles to TN and wanted to grow some seedlings from this tree to take with her. Well she gave me one of the seedlings that is about 3yrs old. Well my problem is I live in zone 6 and Im not sure If this tree will live survive here if I plant it or should I just keep it in the pot and bring it in every winter. Ive asked her if she knew anything else about the variety of tangerine or anything else but she said all she remembers is that she bought it at the local swap meet for $5 and it said tangerine on the pot. LOL Any help is appreciated.

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"Tangerine" includes quite a wide spectrum of varieties, with varying cold-hardiness. But it's safe to say that none of them would survive zone 6. If it were one of the Satsuma types, it might take down into the mid-teens if fully hardened. 'Dancy' types might to into the lower 20s F. Hybrid mandarin types would more likely be mid- to upper 20s in hardiness. Any of these might survive somewhat lower temperatures with serious wood damage, but none would likely make it through single-digit (F) temperatures.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Just keep it in a pot. It is from seed so it is not going to be identical to the original tree.

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Actually nearly all of the mandarin types do come true-to-type from seed, from nucellar (clonal) embryos. Clementine and King are the only exceptions I can think of (and Temple, if we include known hybrids)

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So at what temp do I need to start bringing it in? Thanks alot everyone for your help.

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For a potted tree, I'd avoid frost. Certainly lower than upper 20s F would make me nervous.

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