Dehlias HELP!!

newbiegarden_2010July 8, 2010

I am new to Dehlias and I am experiencing some browning and holes in the leaves. they are crunchy! Any hints would be helpful and ways to stop it! Thanks!! :D I have not noticed and bugs or slugs! I could upload some pics but dont know how if you could help me with that also that would be fantastic ;D

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Hi Newbie

My dahlias have been experiencing some crunchy leaves, often with holes associated too. I thought at least the crunchy part was about hot weather, because the first time I noticed it was after a 95 degree day. And not just crunchy leaves, some leaves turn plain droopy. But tonight, I noticed that the crunchy leaves, if you dig down in the foliage to the newest growth, the leaves are not quite unfolding Inside, I found bugs, little black ones. I sprayed in soapy water, which I don't know will kill the bug variety in question, since I don't know what the bug in question is. But it seems that I recall reading something about a bug that sucks the fluid from a plant? If so, that may explain the drooping or crunchy leaves, as it would be hard for a plant to hold up to a hot day with small parasites sucking fluid. Not sure this set of facts matches yours, but maybe we can both learn something from whatever input others have to share.

Happy to say that not all my plants are experiencing these problems. Some are doing very well, and I'm looking forward to blooms in the next couple weeks.


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