Stem hollow below cut flower

vvonJuly 16, 2014

I'm a newbie to growing dahlias, and I just cut my first two flowers. They're from different plants, but on both of them the stem is hollow below the cut, even really close to a junction.

When I learned about pinching back/topping, I read that if the stem is hollow you should pinch back more until it isn't hollow so the plant isn't susceptible to rot. I certainly don't want my plants to rot, but If I cut any lower, I'll be taking unopened buds off which I would rather not do. Any advice? Thanks!

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Hi vvon
I would not worry too much, IME it's what Dahlias do when they get a certain size. Mine always have hollow stems, and I just cut shortly above a node or junction. I never lost a plant because of a rotting hollow stem. I think that wasn't valid advise

To my knowledge hollow stems are to be avoided when taking cuttings, but that means you need young shoots.

So enjoy your plants, and if in doubt keep taking pics in case you need to analyze/ find a problem somewhen later.

Have a great Dahlia season, bye, Lin

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Thank you so much, I feel much better!

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