How Could Anyone do Such a Thing!

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)June 13, 2010

Someone dumped this little girl out tonight. How Could Anyone Do Such a Thing?

We were just walking down to the car to drive over to the next bigger town to get a burger when this little puppy runs right up to us, her tail tucked low, but wagging to beat the band. DH immediately broke into a big smile and he said, "Ohhhh...." She went straight away to him. The look DH gave me was, "Can we keep her Mommy?"

Now, who could say no to a face like this?

She looks to be a Boxer-Collie Mix, no more than two months old. She still has her Puppy Breathe and those teeny, tiny puppy teeth.

She has the Boxer incredibly soft fur and that very loose skin that you can pull out 8 inches. :) That is the most telling of her Boxer points - that loose skin.

She has Boxer ears (natural, not cropped) and the dark markings around her eyes. She has white feet and the nails are boxer nails - tiny tips that stick out from the toes. Not a digger dog. (thank God for small but welcome blessings).

She has the bone-y, pointed head that Boxer pups have, but collies too for that matter. Her head is shorter and broader than a Collie but she has a longer face and muzzle than a Boxer.

Her Collie points:

She has a Collie body and coloring, including the markings down her back. She has a curved long tail that is held close to her rump and it has a white tip. She has a white collar and the white feet, which Boxers also have, and she has those sweet expressive Collie eyes.

I'm comin'wichoo!

She is very sweet, super friendly, incredibly active, loving and super smart.

She is starved and had ticks inside her ear flaps. I removed them and sprayed her and otherwise she seems fine. She was exhausted, hot, hungry and thirsty.

Now, she is sleeping peacefully in her puppy bed - a cat bed that was seldom used. She loves it!

All the dogs like her.

I think we have a new Pup!

Gus says, "She looks like me!"


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oh how sweet is she?! :) Good for you for rescuing the poor thing! We had to put our dog down a little over a month ago and have started talking about getting a new dog. the house is just too quiet (we don't have any kids yet). Sounds like you found a real sweetheart :)
What are you gonna name her?


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OR...maybe...She is part Jack Russell Terrier.

The more I look at her the more I wonder. She has a hound dog smell under the puppy smell.

She sure is a sweetie pie. So gentle. Doesn't bite down hard when she chews on my fingers and doesn't jump up on you. She sits quietly like a little lady and stares lovingly into my eyes. Melts my heart every time I look into that face.

IF she is a JRT, she is the quietest and gentlest one alive!

Smitten with Puppy love,
What a cutie.

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Awwwweeee, what a cutie! Puppy love indeed. So glad you found a new family member. Hope we get to see more pictures. :o)

Lois in PA

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

What a little cutie, how can people be so cruel as to ditch a pup. Cats too, we think our "Annie":) was tossed from a car on the highway in back of our place, she was a long haired orange tabby and pregnant, one day after she had been with us for awhile she came to me and miscarried a stillborn kitten right at my feet. I rushed her to our vet, he had to do a complete hysterectomy she was so infected. We nursed her back to health and had her for 14 more years. I know I have a picture of her somewhere I'll post it if I find it.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

What a cute thing she is. Looks like she lucked out in life as you found her and now she has a great new home.

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

I dunno, Annie, she has the exact face,ears and markings of a JRT. The tell tale black dots under their white fur. Is her belly dotted also? I would say she is mixed with something else though because of the black coloring running through the brown. They have a very clear brown coloring to them normally. Is her tail cropped? A Jack's tail should be cropped at a length that will allow you to grab ahold, with no tail to spare, and hold her upside down. They are bread for going down holes to get small rodents and the tail is used to pull them back out because they will not give up on their own. They do tend to get lost easily when they are very young but at around 6 months to a year they will be able to travel significant miles and will return on their own. They are prey for larger animals like coyote, wolves, mountain lions, and also big birds and owls. You gotta keep an eye on 'em. If you have voles and moles or mice, tree rats etc. in your garden you are in for a great big TREAT!


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She is precious! I know you will love having her.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Aw, another sweetie. So glad she found you! Can't wait to see more pics and hear her name.

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Oh, forgot to mention, probably the reason she was dumped...they are VERY hard to housebreak. Also the reputation for being wild and jumping too much is over rated. We've had five JRT's now and they are mostly a calm dog. They pretty much only react like that when they are happy to see you finally come home. They don't like being left alone. I think the type with the wire-y hair that they show on TV all the time are a little more aggressive than the short haired ones. She's a doll!!


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Yes, like I mentioned in my second post, MeMo, I decided after an hour or so that she is a Jack Russell mixed perhaps with a Collie. There are a lot of them in this town and area. In fact, my daughter got her JRT in this town.

She does have the little dots (freckles) on her belly. No, her tail was not docked. We like her pretty tail so will probably leave it. No telling how big she will get and might look weird with a docked tail. She is a dandy whatever that J. Russell is mixed with, it isn't anything bad. She has taken a liking to our big Rough Collie, Gus (Angus). He wags his tail a lot and she was sitting behind him a while ago watching it swish back and forth, then she grabbed it. Gus jumped, but was delighted. Then the fun began. They are going to have a blast romping in the yard. He loves to play too. She really is a doll, isn't she. Lucky us. Glad we both have hearts big enough to take in yet another dog.

She is sleeping now in her little bed. So sweet. I hope she stays small like a Russell. Gus is here by me as usual. He's my boy.

She is sure smart. Learns everything so fast! I only had to show her once about her bed and said, "Lie down", and she immediately understood and did it. She learns just that fast about everything. Wow, what a smarty pants.

Thanks for your input, MeMo. I just passed your info on to DH. He was grinning while I read it and shaking his head, yes. So, the scientist agrees. (His family raised several breeds of show dogs for years. He knows quite a bit about different breeds.)

We watch all the dog trial shows and LOVE the JRT games. Those little buggers run like they're crazy after that fake "critter" to see who is the fastest going over hurdles and into the hole at the end of the course. It is hilarious, and they LOVE it too! The all have to wear muzzles.
They are great at the Obstacle course tournaments too.

Thanks everyone. I will post more pics as time goes by. We have to make a trip to the vet this coming week. Make sure she is healthy and all is well and get her vaccinated.


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What a wonderfully sweet thing to do! I hate to see animals abused in any way. She is one lucky puppy to find her new loving home.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I HATE it when people dump animals which were bred to be pets and need to be cared for. Earlier this year I found a fabulous dog, which I could not keep but wonderful people in our community had her sent up North to a special place that has an easier time adopting out pets than we do here. I'm so grateful for people like you Annie, who see the wonder in a puppy and will love them.
All creatures great and small.

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She's cute and she's lucky that you and your DH took her home with you!

Dumping animals along the road is something that happened back in the 1950s and 1960s before all the pet awareness. Hard to believe that in 2010, that some people still don't have any common sense or caring about the helpless, baby animals.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Looks like she is going to be a great dog, and sounds
like you two are in love with her already... Oh, and
sounds like Gus is in love too.

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

They are indeed very smart dogs, Annie! They can learn just by watching without any directions from you. Our (1st) JRT, Jack, learned to herd cattle just by watching us do it. He got pretty good at it but tended to think it was a game on occasion and had to ski-daddle pretty fast a few times when he nipped the hocks on a few momma's with new born calves. It never deterred him from trying to help though. They can dig their heels in when they don't want to do something though and a power struggle can ensue. They will also choose one of you over the other as being "their person" and will listen to that person more than any other. This little pup is going to learn to hunt with your Blue Tick. I guarantee it!! You're going to have a great summer.


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Such an adorable puppy. Thanks for sharing the story.

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newbiehavinfun(7a - Southern NJ)

Sadly, it happens all the time. I used to live in Southwest Texas and abandonment/neglect had reached epidemic proportions there. (I'm not picking on Texas, this happens everywhere but this particular community had a real problem). In six months I found six litters of puppies that someone had just dropped off in the apartment complex where I worked. I found homes for all but one puppy--I kept Buddy. I also worked in a vet clinic there and every single day there would be a dehydrated dog that someone tied to a tree in 100 degree weather. Half the time they died because they were so dehydrated that we couldn't even get a vein to get an IV in. Some people should not have dogs. I just don't understand why you would have a dog if you're just going to starve, dehydrate and neglect it. So, I have no answer for your question--I don't know how people do such things and live with themselves.

On the positive side, I'm glad you were able to rescue this one. What a cutie!

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Hi Xuan,
Nice to see you here, and Thank you for the sweet comments.

MeMo, my sweet puppy is very sweet, but she is now comfortable in her new home and the full-blown Jack Russell has come out of hiding. Last evening she helped me carry the buckets of water up to the chicken pens...lost of help.

She helped me clean weeds out of the flowerbeds, leaping up into my face and grabbing my hair. What fun. I may end up bald before long.

She helped me rake.

She grabbed a length of the garden hose to help me drag it. What a cutie. My arms have little bites all over them. She is only happy in HER bed with HER blankie over here OR up in my lap, that is when she is not gobbling down her Puppy Chow and chewing up paper. She loves her tennis ball. She found an empty plastic coffee can and took that to her bed to play with for awhile. She tore the paper label off and layed on it and looked up at me with the most innocent expression. What a stinker.
She poops in the house, but goes out to go wee. So now it is imperative that she learns to do her 'business' outside too. Uck! She tries to go on the puppy training pads, but sometimes misses and if she is in the living room when the urge hits, she goes by the front door. Oh boy. But, it comes with the Puppy territory, don't ya know.

Bonnie seems to have adopted her as her pup. They were gallivanting around together yesterday evening. Bonnie would stand over her like a mother dog does and check her bottom after she went pee pee. They romped and leaped about. Then Bonnie would take off like greased lightening, running all through the gardens and streaking by me ans spinning about like she had lost her mind. Puppy dashed straight away back to me for safety. So cute.

She snuggled with Gus and that was cute. Gus is loving having a little wild one. He is VERY hyper. Never seen a collie that was hyper like he is. He howls and barks and wiggles and bounces about. He thinks he is just the same size as the puppy. "Oh boy! A little puppy, like me!"

Shep on the other hand is afraid of her. He has to be watched. He let her know this morning to back off pup, and she ran to me. He did not snap at her or growl but let her know not to come close. He is a huge dog, but timid. They were all four fine romping about outside yesterday though. Shep doesn't feel trapped, so he can move away if she gets too rambunctious. No signs of aggression, so that is great. Shep likes her - he wags his tail and is curious, but a little afraid of her. She moves around so fast and it makes him nervous. It will be okay though. She will learn her place and he will chill out as time goes by.

No name for her yet. I am thinking of calling her Shrew, but Suzie suits her. Nothing that grabs me for certain yet.

Thanks to all for your sweet comments. I KNEW you guys would enjoy hearing about her and would feel sympathetic towards her.

I think I know where she came from. I found pine pitch stuck to her belly. There is a house in town where the people have Jack Russell dogs. There are several large pine trees around the yard. Pines are not native in this part of Oklahoma, and she hasn't been in our back yard yet, so...that narrows it down. Fine. I am glad they dumped her on our driveway instead of someplace else. It was Fate that we just happened to be walking down the driveway at that moment. We were going to the car to drive down to Chandler to bet a burger, talking as we walked to the car...she heard us talking and ran up to meet us, crouching low to the ground, but wagging her tail wildly. Fate stepped in and saw her through...
And brought her to us. :)

She looks up into my eyes with the sweetest look of love. It melts my heart into a puddle of chocolate. She has certainly livened up this house and we are loving every second of it.


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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

She is darling! Many of the traits you describe sound like Maeve. Maybe typical of all terriers. As I have never had one before, I don't know.
She recently learned to jump on the hassock and onto my bed, so BeBe no longer has a safe spot.

I think dogs have some sort of "sense" for dog lovers. I had a neighbor once that often had a stray show up at her house. Maybe it was because she lived on a corner and I did not. We used to say there was an visable to dogs only sign on her fence that read "sucker".

At 7 months, Maeve has 6 puppy teeth that have not come out and aren't even loose. I will take her in Tuesday to have them pulled.


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Luv this story. Can't wait to hear her name. We have quite a few animals with lots over the years and at the moment that are rescue dogs and they are truely special four legged family members. Glad you found each other and hope you guys have a long, happy life and please let us watch as she grows up. Take care, Judy

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We took a trip to the vet's office this morning. I put her bed and blankie in the car for comfort. She was a wll behaved little girl.
Her checkup was great. She did just fine. Got checked and weighed and thoroughly examined. The doctor said she is in good shape all around except for being undernourished and a slight case of diarrhea caused by hook worms. So she got her first Parvo shot and some worm meds and a pretty collar with tiny daisies on it and matching 6 ft. leash. She will go back in three weeks. She was put on a temporary diet of rice cooked with meat (chicken or beef). I cooked her some and she tasted it and that was that. Yuck! I ain't eating that stuff. She is sleeping peacefully now. She is so happy to be back home and in her little bed.

I fed the Boys and Bonnie and then myself, and now I'm tired too. Think I will go take a nap while the dogs are quiet. The hum of the AC is making me sleepy. Ya--wn

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Well of course she was a good little girl, what were you expecting?? lol!! I hope she starts to like her new diet food. She was probably so happy when she got to return home with you guys. My bealges, Callie and Chloe get so nervous when they visit the vet and shake the whole time. I hate leaving them for any treatment because they are so scared. My vet tells me they are "pet beagles". duh!!! Just kidding, I know she means they are not hunting beagles even though they do have a daily run with the rabbits in the woods. ha ha! Hope you both had a nice nap!!

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Isn't it terrible what people do? A year and a half ago, we lived about 30 minutes from the city in a wooded, semi-suburban area. We were interested in getting a new dog, so we went to the local Humane society shelter and saw "Lola". She is a full-breed American Foxhound.

Her face has some scars on it, and she had obviously just had some puppies. They were pretty sure that she was bred to be a hunting dog, and because her disposition is so sweet, calm, and "lazy", the hunter simply abandoned her in the woods. She still has her battle scars on her face from fights she probably got in while running in the woods.

She was in the "lonely hearts" club because she was very shy and afraid of everything. she's still a scaredy-cat but she has definitely come out of her shell and she is our special big Lola!!!!!!

So, good for you for saving the dog that walked up your driveway. The ones that get saved do seem so appreciative!!!!

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