pdshop(5)July 8, 2012

Today I noticed brown and black beatles on my dahlia leaves. I had been noticing the holes so I knew something was there. Tips of the leaves off also. Can you tell me what to use to get rid of this?

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If all those tennaged girls hadn't bought their records we would not have beatles.

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Do you have any suggestions on what to use to kill the beetles?

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Acording to the gardener's home companion retenone is recomended for beetles. If that dosen't work for you let me know I have over a hundred gardening books in my house.

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Are these beetles daytime or nighttime predators? The past two years my dahlias have been victimized by what I believe is called Brown Asiatic Beetles. They only come out of the ground at night to feed and mate. They are smaller than a Japanese Beetle and are copper colored. They leave a wet area where they suck on the leaves. I was going out several times at night with a flashlight and hand-picking (a thumb and forefinger are deadly weapons) but of course you can't stay out there all night. I finally lightly dusted the plants and the ground around them with diatomaceous earth and put a bug zapper light close by. After this I found very few on the plants but every morning there were dozens in the water tray of the zapper.They seem to be more attracted to the light than the plants. I no longer spray with any bug killers because in hot,humid weather the plants looked worse after spraying than they did after the beetles fed on them. Thank God they are only around for a few weeks.

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