Ripening green lemons off of the tree...

shealafemmeOctober 12, 2006

I have a large Ponderossa lemon tree in my backyard, it came with the house and I've lived here for 10 years. Within the last four years it has started to fruit regularly, usually every other year. Last summer the tree fruited very large lemons (as it did in the past). But they did not ripen. They look as if they are on their way. I had to cut away some of the tree to be able to get around the corner of my house in the backyard. Does anyone know of any ways to ripen lemons once they have been cut off of the tree? Also, does anyone know how long I should have to wait for the lemons on the tree to ripen? I figured they would ripen in December or January, but not yet. Or is it possible that this is a new crop of lemons already? I need some lemon help! Thanks!

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Sheal, I've placed unripe citrus in a sunny window even when they were took time but they did eventually turn the color they were supposed to be.
I grow citrus in containers, (live in IL) so can't advise how long fruit should take to ripen, but I usuallly allow fruit to remain on trees until they fall off w/o plucking them. Maybe you should wait??? or do they fall off before ripening? Toni

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Thanks for the help Toni. I had to cut parts of the tree off, which is why some of the fruit is no longer on the tree. There is still green fruit on the tree! I'll try to ripen them in the window!

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Sheal, why did you have to cut the tree? I wanted to ask, how large are the fruits you removed? How much more ripening would they have required if still on the branches? If too small, they might be bitter. Time will only tell..Good luck on your citrus anyway. Toni

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Hey Toni...
I had to cut branches of the tree off because it had grown so large while I was out of town (5 months) that I could not walk past it, it was growing up against my house and the backyard fence as well. Really, it was overgrown. Too much tree, too little space!

The fruits are mostly full size. Some are as large as softballs. Even the smallest ones are about the size of navel oranges! I have had them in my window and some on a table in my front yard, some of them are turning yellow nicely, don't know how they taste yet. Some are still green though. I guess it's just going to take some time!

Thanks for all the help!

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Sheal, now 5 months is a vacation..LOL.
Did you have someone caring for your trees while away? Did they fertilize?

I'd place the unripe fruits in the sun..they should ripen..I tried this several times and it always worked..Patience is the key.
Those that are still on the tree should be left on, unless they look like they're starting to rot..then I'd remove them. Good luck, and hope they're tasty..Let us know how they taste when you get to eat one..Toni

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Hey Toni...
Success with most of the fallen fruits! Most of them are ripe and have ripened very well. A few of them turned brown or are rock hard, but the rest are great. I gave some to a friend, and within a few days she asked for a few more because they were so good! I tried one with some soda, and they are sweet and tasty - not too sour or bitter. I only had to put them on a table on my front porch. They got plenty of sun. The ones still on the trees are still green...which means they will be ripening soon. And will hopefully be just as good as the others. Thanks for the help!
PS...While I was away, I had the tree on a water timer system, but never fertalized (which I rarely do). Yummy!

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Hi Sheal,
I'm glad hearing most of your fruit ripened. It can take time, but does eventually ripen.
What do you mean you tried some with soda? You mean, soda pop? Baking soda? LOL..I don't understand.
Ironically, I grow citrus for looks, which is why I fertilize. For veggies I grew in the garden, they NEVER get fed or sprayed w/anything other than water..we devour too much junk as it is..
Anyway, I'm glad hearing everything worked out..Toni

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Haha! I tried the lemons with soda in Tucson it's just soda! And last weekend I made a glass of homemade lemonade. It was delicious! My grandmother sent me a lemon pie recipe which I am going to try to make here in the next few weeks. My lemons on the tree are yellow and I think they are going to start coming down soon. As long as I don't lose any to a frost...hopefully not!
Thank You!

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first you need a lemon from the store let it sit out and mold.
I know it sounds gross but place them with the green lemons that should ripen them.


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ecomtl(5a Qc Canada)

Collinm, this is the first I hear of that method. Do you know what the reasoning/science is behind it? I'm very curious.

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Does anyone know if you can ripen lemons (or other fruits) by wrapping them in newspaper? I have heard that works.



Here is a link that might be useful: Remove Warts & Moles Naturally

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My lemon tree is in a pot on my porch. It has several ripening lemons on it. They're almost yellow but they're still green on the end and not a bright yellow yet. Our first freeze is coming and it's going down in the 20's. I don't know if I should go ahead and harvest or leave them on the tree in a sheltered spot. Any advice?

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