Yucko days

kydaylilylady(z6 KY)November 1, 2006

That's what yesterday turned into. It was raining just before the kids started out for Trick or Treating. Yes, my 12 year old insisted that she still wasn't too old! It was damp and since the time changed on Sunday, getting dark fast. At least I got out of having to drive her around to hit the houses. The baby of the family broke with tradition of doing the local neighborhood and then going to her aunt's neighborhood opting for instead going with her friend to a church sponsored fest. Much to the older siblings dismay, the candy "take" was way down but she had a blast. I got to go back home and work on my pricelist and pictures for the website. I figure I was a heck of a lot more comfortable with a cup of hot tea than tromping around in wet leaves and mud going from house to house with a preteenager.

Today's just as yucky as yesterday and it's cooler too. What's going on with everyone today?


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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

The weather here was great for the trick or treaters. They had a ball.
It's nice again today, supposed to get to 72 but then a slight chance of rain for tonight, and a cold front is coming in so the daytime temps will drop to the 60's with nights being in the mid 30's. Still nice weather for working out in the garden. I've still got lots to do. Just finished cutting back all my dl's and spraying them for rust. Now I've got to finish putting out mulch, plant some daffodil and tulip bulbs that came in, and still got several flats of dl seedlings to get in the beds. I'm also still battleing the deer. Found where they had nibbled off some of my dl seedlings out back yesterday, so I sprayed them with some of that awful smelly stuff. Still thinking about getting me a good old hound dog to let roam my garden. Maybe he/she would keep the deer run away. Well, guess I better get back outside and go to work. Just came in for a water break. :)

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I just came in from a very discouraging walk through my back daylily bed and, you guessed it, the deer jumped the small fence and had their way with the daylilies. There wasn't a single leaf left -- everything was nibbled to the ground with just a little bit of chewed green showing through the dirt. From the looks of the hoof prints, they must have brought all their friends to the smorgasbord.

I'm HOPING they'll come back okay (we're talking about my latest 200 or so additions). Now I need to hear more about this milorganite. Is it easy to find?

Chris (aka Pissed Off in Michigan)

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Oh no, Chris! I'd be substantially more than p---d off (and I suspect you're exercising restraint in your posting)! I was unhappy enough about the rotten woodchuck that devastated my annuals and veggies - if it had touched the daylilies, WWIII would have occurred in my own back yard.

We had a VERY nice Halloween here - it was pretty warm, and mostly dry (a few sprinkles, nothing serious). Our son went as a train engineer, and blew his whistle all around the neighborhood (he's 8, and trains are the passion of his life). Our daughter (4 1/2) went as the Bedtime Fairy (a.k.a. "Mommy doesn't want to waste too much time and money on a costume") - pink footie pj's, fluffy polka-dotted robe, furry slippers, gold tiara, silver wand, pink fairy wings, long blonde ponytails, and a dolly (also with long blonde pony tails). She was adorable, and had a blast.

The weather was so nice yesterday that I did a chunk of yard cleanup. It was VERY relaxing and satisfying.


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daylilylady(z5 ME)

We've had the most beautiful fall this year! Today it was in the low 60's with a warm breeze. I worked in the garden all afternoon trying to vacuum/mulch leaves for my DL gardens. The job would go much faster if the bottom layer of leaves weren't soaking wet.

No self respecting deer would even think of poking it's head out into the open...hunting season started last weekend. Several trucks filled with hunters wearing blaze orange hats and coats went by our house looking for a place to park and hunt. My horses are wearing blaze orange vests and halters...don't want to take any chances. I thought I was done planting for the year but just had to order 'Snowdrop' bulbs yesterday.

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highjack(z6 KY)

It's been such a yucko day, I didn't even feel like posting. I'm having the same weather as Janet and the only reason it warms up around here this fall is so it can rain again, followed by below normal temps. Fall clean up has been very slow and I probably won't get all of it done. The sun is supposed to shine (and who trusts the weatherman) for the next few days but be very cold. The other big offender this fall has been the wind. Is everyone else having 30-40 mph winds all the time. I hope my neighbors are enjoying me leaves.


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numama(z7 AR)

We have had some beautiful weather! 60 degree days, but the evenings are getting much colder! Had our second hard freeze last night. Wish I didn't have to work during the day! Has been very windy here as well. Maybe it will be nice this weekend and I can get more work done!
I quit planting daylily seedlings I needed to get into the ground cuz of the DEER! They trompled right through what I had planted. The soil was pretty damp from the last rain we had so when they stepped through, my seedlings got planted even deeper into the ground! I did not have a problem pulling them back up even with soil line and filling in hoof holes with dirt, so I sure hope they will make it! I unrolled some chicken wire I had nearby to hopefully change their path! Will have to go see if that has worked or not!

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