Planting tuber after taking cuttings

GreenEarthLawns(7/East TN)July 1, 2012

Hey everybody,

First post on here. Recently moved to TN and started a lawn care company and am slowly building stock for a small nursery/cut-flower business. Looking into adding dahlia's to the list next spring and just have a quick question for those of you that take cuttings. I spent some time searching around here for the answer but couldn't seem to find what I was looking for.

That said, I'm just curious what everyone who takes cuttings does with the tuber after the cuttings are taken. I read somewhere (not sure if it was here or elsewhere online) that there's some controversy as to what to do with the tuber after cuttings are taken. Do you just plant it or wait until it sends up more shoots, or allow it to go dormant? Everything I found online didn't mention any process for the tuber after the cuttings are taken.

Appreciate any thoughts!


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Noni Morrison

I don't take cuttings myself but I know one grower who takes a specified number of cuttings then plants the tuber. One can then take stem cuttings and root them off the growing plant if you want. I would think that taking endless cuttings from a tuber would exhaust it of stored energy after a while.

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Interesting. I didnt even know your could grow Dahlias from cuttings. Liza lily's suggestion of taking stem cutting makes sense. Right now, if I wanted to, I could snip 6-8 growing tip cuttings off of each of my plants. I may try a few in the fall just to experiment.

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