best plan for some slug eaten dahlias?

vmarcos68(8A)July 21, 2006

I have some dahlias that faired poorly in early to late spring. The shorter ones at the back of the dahlia bed got slug eaten and never recovered so remained short and tattered. Thinking of transplanting all of those to a more sunny patch, otherwise not going to benefit much from the summer growing season I figure. Any ideas/comments?

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Go for it- it can only help. Just dig carefully so as to not disturb the roots that they have grown.

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I ran into the same problem. Slugs ate mine down to virtually nothing before I noticed, though. Dug them up and moved them into clay pots with a mix of potting and garden soil [potting-garden-potting]. Put mulch on top. Then put them well out of reach of slugs [grrr!].

They will grow back if you give them half a chance to and salvage the remainder of their growing season quite well.

Anyone else hate slugs with a passion? >=\

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I've had a few slugs get at my canna this year. Irritating!!!!! When I see them, I discard them.

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SueBB(8 a NW WA)

I think spraying plants with Neem oil keeps the slugs away. they hate it and never munch on my plants when I use it. I know it does not kill them but works very well to repel them.

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Started spraying mine with coffee. Yep, coffee. Slugs won't go near plants, mulch, or soil that has even a hint of coffee in it.

Unfortunate for some of my Dahlias, I noticed a bit late that they were being used by slugs as a buffet.

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SueBB(8 a NW WA)

wow, I like that coffee idea, I am going to try it, thanks for the tip.

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Poochella(7 WA)

I'm not giving up my coffee!

Suebb- have you noticed a lack of slugs in your neck of the woods in WA this year? There is talk here in the NW that it is a very slow slug year and while watering (yet again) tonight I can attest that my own usually slug-infested gardens are virtually devoid of the creatures even under the nicest, coolest foliage or rocks.
It's really weird.

I find one on the rare occasion but not in the gardens. Early in the season, Sluggo bait went down pretty routinely but I've used that before because nothing, nothing is going to eat my dahlias, if I can help it LOL! I've used Sluggo before regularly, but even then there were slugs 3 ft up on dahlia plants, more damage evident on other plants. Even my hosta leaves barely have a nibble out of them.

What's the slug report in your area?

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