What kind of Orange tree is this? I have no idea!?

SeanPez(9)October 14, 2011

Hi All.

My grandmother had planted an orange tree YEARS Ago. It never really produced anything until a couple years ago. I am confused as to what kind of orange tree it is. It smells like an orange when you peel the skin, but the fruit is SOOOOO SOUR!

Below are some pictures!

I hope i can find a way to make this orange sweet! Thanks!





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Looks like the mandarin my Mother had in Sacramento; she liked it, but for me it was way too sour to eat. Sweetness in oranges has a lot to do with the heat and also water and nitrogen help. In the case of the tree my Mother had, we put more nitrogen every year and it helped; but the biggest problem was the variety and the location, Sacramento.

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Thanks Johnmerr!

I just put some citrus fertilizer today. I should maybe get the spikes instead of mixing the fertilizer in a gallon of water.

Here is a picture of the leaves!


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how does the inside look? is there a lot of seeds?

fertilizer will help. too much water and the fruit can split and/or have too much water content and be bland tasting.

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It's possible your grandmother planted a tree that was grafted to a sour orange, and the sour orange outgrew the sweet orange and took over. There isn't anything you can do in that case.

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Generally the sour orange would be a larger fruit. No matter, if the tree produces inedible, or barely edible fruit, you should probably consider replacing it; anyway your tree is not exactly a a beauty to look at. It is of course another thing if it means something to you because your Grandmother planted it.
Good luck, and BTW don't expect to make the current crop sweeter; corrective measures will only help the next crop.

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"your tree is not exactly a a beauty to look at"
lol, have to agree on that, its very vertical, columnar.

do you know if it was a store bought tree or grown from a seed?

if the oranges are juicy, then you can make oj and add some sugar to sweeten it up. won't be a total waste.

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