We made it to NC and back safely!!! :)

tweetypye(z8/sc AL)November 12, 2006

Hi Folks,

Well, I made it to NC and back ok. A 10 hour trip!! Boy, am I tired of driving!

Trip would have been great, except that I got a serious sinus headache again, and it stayed with me until last night. Thank goodness it was gone by this morning. Couldn't have made the drive back with such a headache. :) At least Alyssa had a good time. My DH is renting a space for his RV from a man who has a big farm. He rescues mistreated horses, and you know how 13 year old girls love horses! He had this mare with a little foal, and she spent lots of time with them. Here's a picture of her feeding the foal.

So, what's everyone been up too while I was away? Get any more rain up your way Ellie? It was raining in NC this a.m., but had stopped by the time we reached SC. My sister said it rained again here yesterday. Loved the pics of you JM's on your other thread. Gotta check mine for color tomorrow. It was dark when we got home this afternoon, about 5:30.

Nancy, how's that sweet little grandson, and when are you going to share more pics?

Who's still doing fall garden chores, and who's finished and sitting at their pc, drooling over 2007 intros? :)


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Hi Jan, glad you made the trip ok. Was thinking of you today. Was walking through the area in which I intend to plant daylily seeds next spring. It was tilled earlier this year and still somewhat soft. Deer tracks were all over it. Looked like a bunch of cows had used it as a pasture. Considered taking a picture, but I am sure you have seen deer tracks (BG).

I am mostly just starting my chores. I have all daylilies now potted up and in the gh, that I intend to put in it. For hybridizing, I have 42 tets and 9 dips. Also, am overwintering some seedlings. Have forgotten, but think it is about 40+.

Have done a few other odds and ends. Don't want to rush these things. lol. We had a small amount of rain last night. We have now had about 1/2" in November.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Oh yes, I certainly do know what deer tracks look like. I am dreading going outside tomorrow to see if they did any damage while I was away! Keep you fingers crossed for me. :)
You know, Royce, I still have several flats of dl seedlings that I need to get planted. Just haven't had time to get them all in the ground. I'm afraid to leave them in the flats all winter though, so I'll try to get to them this week.
Sure wish I had me one of those greenhouses! :) DH promised me he would build me one, but he's just never home long enough to "git er done"!!!! LOL
Hopefully, we can get one built by next winter.

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highjack(z6 KY)

Welcome home Jan - it sounds like you had a great time. Do I see a horse in your future? Maybe it would keep the deer away.

No gardening chores here over the week-end and am probably done for the year unless I get some sunny, dry weather to get the leaves picked up. I've reconciled myself to the fact they will not get shredded this year. We really need to pick them up, bag them and use them to protect the seedlings in pots. If we don't provide some sort of wind barrier, we may end up with no seedlings blooming next year. If they do survive, we can definitely brag about how tough they are.

Good luck on your future gh - it sure is nice Mud will be able to help you avoid the pitfalls of gh growing, if he can remember what he did to fix the problem.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Hey Jan, I'm glad you had a good trip. Sounds like it's just what you needed. The JM maples are really pretty now that they have their fall color. No horses for me..Been there and done that.

I bought a couple of new dls on the LA this week. Bill Robinson is one that I won and American Freedom and Evelyn Kloeris are the 2 I purchased. Got a couple of bids in now....Ellie

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

Yep, Jan needs a filly. She can stake it out in the seedlings! Trouble with little horses is that they grow into big ones. They poop, you scoop.

Jan, you have my sympathy on those sinus headaches. Had one Saturday too. Didn't matter how much meds I took the darned thing just wouldn't go away. I was just praying I wouldn't wake up with it on Sunday.

Ellie, you'll like AMERICAN FREEDOM. I got it this spring and although it bloomed short the bloom was lovely and it rebloomed several times. We'll see how it likes a KY winter before I comment further though.

No yardwork this weekend. I did haul one p/u load of mulch on Friday but don't want to haul any more until I get the daylilies mowed off. Can't mow if it doesn't stop raining long enough for the ground to dry out. What a vicious cycle.


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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Thanks folks, but no horses in this gal's future!
Ellie, I've been there done that also. Had 5 at one time when my older kids were growing up at home. Still had 2 when my DH and I married, but they get mighty expensive to keep around, and besides they don't come in as many colors as dl's!!! :) Looks like you've got some beauties coming this spring too. I've purchased about 7 new Munsons, and a few other dl's as well from the LA recently.
Sounds like my kind of headaches, Janet. No amount of medication does a thing for mine either. I was so thankful that it was gone by Sunday morning. Sure couldn't have driven 10 hours with a headache like that.
Boy, have I been busy today. Sprayed all my dl's with the systemic fungicide, been blowing tons of leaves into piles to be mulched and put into the dl beds, also raked trailer loads of pine needles for the dl beds. No sign of the deer munching on anything while I was away, though. Thank goodness. OK, I'm off to spread the pine needles and mulch the leaves now. Just popped in for a bite to eat and a little pc break!! LOL

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Jan, what a great picture! That beautiful girl deserves a horse!

I share in your deer woes -- they cleaned out my new daylily bed down to the nubs. Our 3-ft. wire fence is obviously not a deterrent . . .

Welcome home (and I still have a few red beauties to send you in the Spring, if they bounce back from deer-bite).


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