kydaylilylady(z6 KY)December 11, 2006

Now I know there are folks out there that can shop and shop and shop, start at one mall at one end of town and not stop until they are three towns over. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I'm not one of them.

I refused to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving with my 22 year old. Partly because it was the day after Thanksgiving and partly because it was the end of November and it was going to be 70 degrees that day and there was a ton of work I wanted to do in my shirtsleeves. Anyway, I got roped into going yesterday. I got with the program and found my most comfortable shoes and we started out around 1:00. We went to Louisville, geez, have I ever told any of you how much I hate driving and shopping in Louisville? We started in the mall on one side of the interstate and ended up at the one on the other side of the interstate. There wasn't a thing that I bought that I probably couldn't have found in the stores in and around Frankfort and if it wasn't there I probably didn't need it anyway. And on top of that I still have to get a few more things from around here.

Are you all shoppers or stay at homer's? Do you have to see the item you buy or can you just point and click.(Daylilies are NOT included in this!)

By the end of the day my head felt like someone was driving a nail into my left eye. Sinus pills weren't even making a dent, my back ached like someone had a sledgehammer trying to drive me into the concrete and my legs felt like overcooked spagetti. There must be come sort of conditioning course that chronic shoppers take in order to stay in shape!!!!


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numama(z7 AR)

Janet you could not have said it better for me! I HATE SHOPPING unless it is for daylilies! LOL! I much rather point and click! When I do get finagled into going shopping I pretty much feel the way you described above!

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Ditto, for me Janet! I had rather someone else do my shopping for me if possible. I absolutely hate it, even grocery shopping. I don't go until my 13 year old tells me for the 100th time that there's nothing to eat in the house!! I never shop just to be shopping either. My DH goes shopping more than I do. :) He has more clothes too!! LOL Just give me an old pair of jeans and a baggy shirt and let me stay home and work in my gardens while someone else does the shopping! Most of mine is also done online. Sure saves wear and tear on the old body!!

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

I'm not a marathon shopper, either. I avoided the major shopping centers on Black Friday (except for an evening trip to a craft store, which was surprisingly quiet). I start my Christmas shopping early (September this year), and shop with a firm idea of what each person will get, and what price I'm willing to pay. I eBayed a few things early (the special Maggie Raggie dollies for our daughter, for instance). I'm all done now, except for a couple gift cards, making jam, and finishing a teddy bear for our daughter.

Boring, but true - I'm not a last-minute Christmas shopper. I don't get a "rush" out of the competition for bargains and the "thrill of the hunt." Some gifts are homemade (like the jam I make for my father in law every year). I want to ENJOY the holiday season, not be a frantic nut case.

I enjoy shopping ALONE, though - that's a luxury for a mother with young kids. Sometimes it's NICE to dither over a decision without someone needing to use the bathroom, wanting a snack, saying "I'm BOOOOORED! I want to go hooooommme!" repeatedly, or annoying their sibling.


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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

I prefer to shop alone if I have to break down and do it. I can scout a store in 2.5 seconds flat and be out the door and on to the next. On the other hand, my daughter likes to look at this and that, though to her credit she wasn't too pokey Sunday.

I wouldn't be a last minute shopper either if I knew what to get people. None of my children knew what they wanted. They said that they really didn't need or want anything much. Course they know what not to ask for anyway. No new cars, no I-boxes or X-boxes or whatever they call them, stations, mates or otherwise. They don't have a place in our house. Two of the girls had a specific brand of jeans they wanted but they were both on sale for under $20 so we did well there.


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highjack(z6 KY)

Nope I didn't get the shopping gene either. I love the ability to now shop on the internet and avoid stores altogether.

Now ask me to go to a nursery, Lowes or Home Depot, I'm ready to go and spend hours looking around.

My shopping is done and I haven't seen a Christmas decoration yet - oh wait, yes I did but it was before Halloween. I don't think that really counts if it is before two other holidays.


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gonegardening(7 VA)

Count me in as a nonshopper! I do whatever I can online. Crowds are not for me and contrived shortages drive me up the wall. I'm so glad my kids are older and not subject to the "I wants".

We are mostly at a place where we either don't give gifts anymore or try to send something that is edible or can be consumed in some way. Everyone has so much, truly, and needs so little, it seems.

I felt so sorry for a cashier the other day who was so stressed and said she couldn't wait until Christmas dinner was on the table (i.e., Christmas is over).

This year for my daughter's 18th birthday, she didn't want anything or need anything but rather, wanted to "do" something. So, we all went to a dinner theatre as her gift. I have to say, it was quite nice.

Well, the wreath's on the door, candles in the window and the advent wreath has been found. Anything else is gravy! Actually, we're working on the tree...think there's maybe five ornaments up now. Used to decorate like crazy and realized what a chore it was (putting it up and taking it down), I just do whatever and it seems fine.

I'm also one who puts off the grocery! If that was online around here, I'd probably do that, too!

Happy Holidays, y'all! I hope your families are with you and the stress level is low!

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flower_lover5(z6 IL)

A non-shopper here also. And I used to LOVE to shop (2-3 times a week - but that was when I was in my 20's & 30's), but not any more. Now I love the internet :)
My family decided long ago to only by for the kids until age 18, which simplifies things greatly. Since I never had kids of my own, that means I now only have 1 neice & 2 great-niece/nephews to buy for. Even though I spend way more than I should on them, it's all done online.........even my present for myself (a new vcr/dvd recorder)

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

OK, I am a world's class idiot. I got home from work last night and was out in the side yard, minding my own business, trying to make a grapevine wreath out of a bunch of grape vine I'd just spent ten minutes trying to pull out of a pear tree and the kids roll in, done with the cows for the evening. Now I hadn't been able to spend an evening at home either night this week and was looking forward to staying home and here comes Steph bounding around the house like some cat with feathers hanging out of it's mouth. She and Kate had determined that they needed to go to town, get their hair cut and , oh by the way, Elder Beerman and Penney's were having 50 % sales and really I needed to go too. I really thought my expressions and body language was telling her in no uncertain terms no but she rattled right on telling me how glad I should be that my children wanted me to go shopping with them and we'd have lots and lots of fun. Darned if she shouldn't go ahead and go to law school cause she'd have a jury eating out of her hand. I think she really wanted to make sure she had someone there to buy Kate something if she wanted it.

Anyway, we ended up over two hours in town, they didn't buy a thing and Kate got 10 inches of hair cut off for Lock For Love. At least I took my crocheting along so hair cutting time wasn't wasted. The joke was on Stephanie though. Kate got her haircut free cause she donated the hair. Steph had to pay for her own!


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