Droopy Lime w/ pic and some other citrus updates

arkberry(8b)October 25, 2012

Having a little problem with a lime. Only had it a few months and not sure its issue which started last week. Some Data:

It is potted

It is still outside (none of our night temps below 40 yet)

Fertilized just after labor day

Gets same sun as my Meyer which has mature fruit and tons of new blooms

Have not had a free weekend to repot to 5-1-1 mix

Appears a bird has been scratching around the upper roots

Bottom of container may be a bit too damp due to some recent rains

The Satsuma and lemons are getting same light, water, & fertilizer and doing just fine. Tangelo is fighting a bit of nutrient deficiency (yellow leafs with green veins - on younger leaves which I think is iron deficient). It received an extra dose of fertilizer last week of September and is still looks nutrient deficient. Soil feels OK.

Question: any thoughts on lime problem (I am thinking too damp) and should I hit the tangelo with some more fertilizer (fertilome citrus) or just wait for the last dose to take effect.

On the positive citrus side, my in ground Armstrong Satsuma produced 11 fruit. They were a bit small, but very good in taste. Meyer lemon has 5 mature fruit, 2 immature fruit, and about 10 bloom clusters. Seto Satsuma produced 3 large fruit this year. Also have two meyer cuttings that are four weeks old and still look good and healthy.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Pull it out of the pot. I will bet you will find very soggy roots. Re-pot with appropriate potting medium. If the tangelo is in a pot (and will be brought inside), it won't hurt doing another fertilizer application, just be sure your fertilizer has micros. You can also try applying some chelated iron, if you think what you're seeing is iron deficiency.

Patty S.

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Well at least after a year I can at least narrow down some of the problems. The irony of the likely water problem is that it is now raining this evening. I will be bringing the lime inside this weekend so it will start to dry out for the winter. I will hit the tangelo with some fertilizer before it either comes inside or goes to the greenhouse.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Good advice, Patty!
Arkberry, I, too, suspect some sort of root impairment. You could pull the root-ball
and set the whole thing on a stack of newspaper to help dry the lower layers of mix
if that proves to be the problem.


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I too agree with Patty and Josh.

That is exactly what happened to mine after severe root damage. It was too late for me to repot though:-(

I will tell you that any lime trees hate cold and wet feet. The roots rot more easily than any other citrus I know, and even in a good mix, hate the cold alone.


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