Watering Question re Citrus Home Alone During My Vacation

jerry_dOctober 10, 2012

I am going on short vacation for 7 days in November and am wondering if my three citrus (Calamondin, Meyer Lemon and Eustis Kumquat) will be okay without any watering during that period. They are all in containers inside this time of year. I will water them well right before I leave and plan on turning the thermostat down to 55 F during my absence. Unfortunately none of my friends are good with plants and I don't want to ask them to water them. Please let me know if you think my citrus will be fine or if I need to find some way to water them during my short vacation.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated. I don't want them to drop a lot of leaves.



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In general citrus do well with once per week watering; given the size of your trees and the size of the pots, mixed with the 55F temp, they should be just fine.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

ditto what john said. just be sure you havent watered in a week or so prior to leaving that way you dont double do it. given the temps you are trying to give them the roots wont be very active anyways.

good looking tree you got there!


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they'll be fine in that condition.

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What John said.....

By the way, I totally agree with Mike in that your tree is beautiful. I like the way you prune it.

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Thanks, guys, for all your information and compliments. The calamondin in the photo above is from Four Winds. I have had this for about five years now. I decided to prune it for the first time this year before I brought it inside for the winter months. It's loaded with fruit that hopefully will mature in the next few months.


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