'I'm so excited'

cats39(z5 Upstate NY)July 20, 2007

Hi All!

Do you by chance remember the Pointer SisterÂs release of, "IÂm So Excited" in 1982?

The Lyrics went "IÂm so excited (and the next line is) And I just canÂt hide it!"

Well 25 years later that excitement still exists, but IÂve taken it to a higher level, and the reason for this post. "I just canÂt hide my excitement". This was the first time I took a crack at a "Dinner Plate" and IÂm really excited.. We were away and when we got home that evening this is what I was greeted to. I didnÂt realize the flash wasnÂt on, so the pictures came out a little washed out.

But I did get a few others under more natural lighting conditions.

ItÂs a Kelvin Floodlight.

The full bloom was just over 9"

As you can see I went primarily with yellows in this area. Sorry about the lack of color.

Is this a freak or what? The first time IÂve ever had a double colored Dahlia. It was a tuber from last years plant that I started from seed.

This was kinda one of my pride and Joy ones. I was checking out my tubers just before Christmas and I found a couple ready for the compost pile. For some reason I took this tuber and the following one, spritzed with water, placed in plastic grocer bag and on the 29th of Dec. Saw some root structure and placed in a soil medium. These were the results.

Their both mixed boarder Dahlias from last years seed

Same as above different angle:

This photo is a little washed out because of the bright sun and not on right setting. IÂm picking up some prints this afternoon that will I hope show this Dahlia in a much better frame of lighting.

This plant was given to me last year by my brother Joe. Don't have a name so I call it Joe's Mauve. I sure hope the other prints comeout good as this one is really a beauty. Although all Dahlias are Beauties.

IÂll post up in a few days.

I hope you enjoy.


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Yay! I'm excited for you. Good job and keep the pics coming

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

I soooooo understand your excitement!!! I had Kelvin Floodlight last year for the first time and was in awe at its size and beauty - sadly, it did not survive the winter in my basement. But many others did, including tubers which were started from seed, and didn't bloom last year, so this year I have some lovely surprises!! I also give them some unique names, such as Salsa, Shimmer and Burgundy Silk. Seeing your pictures and reading your comments, I very much could relate, and it made me smile. Good job and keep sharing! -Anna

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Well done, cats39. Mine are opening up now as well, and I really do understand your excitement. :)

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"I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!"
That is the next line. LOL
Thanks for sharing your beautiful Dahlias! They look fabulous!

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Me too! first time with Dinner plate ones, these are flowering here in connecticut, probably around 9 inches also, no dinner plate for sure but soooooooo nice!

Nice picts, I also have the dark bronze red ones, very nice.
Cheers from an avid lifelonger Dahlia fan

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