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riverratspaz(09LA)December 7, 2006

I lost 16lbs on a pudding and icecream diet!!!

LOL its true! I had the tonsils and adenoids removed on the 22nd of NOV. All i had for a week and a half was pudding icecream and water. I went from 172 to 156, can you beleive it? And all this time we thought icecream made us fat? LOL kidding im just so bored today i have nothing better to do, finally up and about and not curled up in a ball ready to scream from the pain of it all. No more pain meds :-( the happy days are over!!! LOL kidding.

So whats been up with the rest of you guys, i see this end of the forum has picked up, i know it was pretty much non existant before.


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daylilylady(z5 ME)

Oh Gerard, I'm so glad your feeling better. I once had a sore throat that just about drove me crazy with pain. I can't imagine how painful it must be to have both tonsils/adenoids removed. I think most of the Daylily friends are out Christmas shopping :) I'm trying to loose ten pounds...have to get to the store for pudding & ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, yum)!!!

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

A lady where I work had her tonsils taken out last year and she said it was more painful than the abdominal surgery she had the year before for a pancreatic cyst! Apparently the older you get the more painful it is. Glad you're doing better. Those pain pills sure keep you fuzzy.

Not much going on around here. Watching the water freeze and trying to look forward to having to work 60 cows tomorrow in the cold....


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thanks for the well wishes, i do still wish i had my loopy drugs (to be hones at least) Hopefully i wont be sick every couple weeks now!!! Im going to test the waters and go out tomorrow night with some friends in New Orleans (should be fun right?) If yall want me to have a drink for you im taking requests LOL. kidding i cant drink just yet.

Love yall

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highjack(z6 KY)

I need to know what the brand names are on the ice cream and puddin' diet. I tried that diet one time and it went straight to my sitter section and refused to move. Obviously I was using the wrong brands.

Have fun tomorrow night but if you do my share of drinking, it could be a dull evening. Glad you are feeling well enough to go out and try to party.


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numama(z7 AR)

Glad to hear you are recovering well Gerard!
You are not the first person I've heard talk about so much pain as when you are older having the procedure done. I was four years old when mine were removed so don't remember it that much other than all the popsicles I got!
Not much going on here either. I just sold a bunch of daylilies on the lily auction so have been working on my spring shipping list and planning my digs! LOL! Sure can't go outside after getting a five inch snowfall and just keeps getting colder and colder here!
If you do drink....I would recommend a white russian or maybe a mudslide...mmmmm I think I'll go have some HOT CHOCOLATE with marshmallows! HAVE FUN on your night out!

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