Well.....talk about a flip flop......

tweetypye(z8/sc AL)December 14, 2006

From 18 degrees last Saturday morning to a scheduled 77 for this Saturday! No wonder there's a flu epidemic in our schools down here! I heard on the local news this am, that our county had 1100 students out sick. There are two kinds of flu virus and a stomach virus running rampant through the schools. My little 3 year old grandson Luke, has strep and the flu! So far, Alyssa, hasn't contracted any of it. I pray that she doesn't. I think the superintendant should just close the schools until after the holidays. They only have 4 more days until they let out for Christmas anyway. It might prevent the "bugs" from spreading further in the schools.

How's things in everyone else's areas? Any more fly epidemics around?

I hope you all stay healthy for the holidays. :)


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Tweety I think the 18 degree night got rid of the flies. LOL I just love it when someone other than myself makes a typo that turns out funny. At least I got a laugh, thanks. I have not heard of any flu outbreaks here in LA. I have been in Dr offices regularly so I would usually bring home whatever bug is there. The flop is about ready to flip back to cold again isn't it? I do get a cold when the weather changes drastically but nothing a bit of vitamin C can't handle.

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

We seem to be fairly healthy up here right now. There was a rash of something going around in November and the youngest had streph throat that went on for a week. She never had a sore throat so I really didn't think it could possibly be strep. Felt pretty small when I finally took her to the doctor and that's what they said it was.

The weather's been wonderful here for the entire week. Even when it was raining the weather was mild and comfortable. I don't know when the other shoe is going to fall but we're sure enjoying what we have.


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numama(z7 AR)

Jan, The weather has been WONDERFUL here all week! Mid 30 mornings all week with temps rising each day. Was 70 degrees here today! The weatherman says we will start getting cold again next week. Guess I will be mulching some more this weekend!

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

There's been a flu virus going through the schools up here, too. Our son is home schooled, so at least we can dodge that germ pool, and so far the kids haven't brought anything creative home from Sunday school or our daughter's preschool (except for one case of the sniffles). I had a world-class sinus infection last week, just a lulu, and my husband has been a hand-washing, "Airborne" drinking, vitamin-taking maniac trying to avoid my fate. So far, he hasn't gotten it. ("Airborne" is some sort of cold-preventative fizzy tablet drink, full of vitamins etc. He bought it for me during my sinus problem, but I couldn't stand the taste of it, so he's been using it.)

We've been in the 40s/50s this week, after a brief cold snap a couple weeks ago, and I wish everything would FREEZE and STAY FROZEN for a while. I'm having all sorts of trouble with my sinuses, mostly mold related. All that yuck stirred up by the two floods is just a-stewing all around us. I would LOVE a good, long, cold winter at this point. (Okay, enough whinging. Back to my usual programming.)

The plus side of this warm weather: the ground isn't even close to frozen, so I was able to get some lovely partially composted leaves and stable waste from my friend Becky to spread on my little lasagna bed. I can go back and get more next week. Hooray! That wonderful future soil should make for some happy daylily seedlings. And, Becky has offered me some garden space for daylilies! They have HUGE yard, mostly grass. Oh, so exciting - and she says she wants to learn about daylilies, so I can pass the addiction - er, INTEREST, yeah that sounds better - along while I take up some of her yard space in the spring.


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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Good to hear from all you folks.
Down2earth, that was a good typo on my part, wasn't it? I usually proof my posts, but that one slipped by me. I had a good chuckle when I reread it too. :)

Janet, that strep can sure creep up on the kids, can't it? My sweet grandson was diagnosed with strep plus the flu last week.

Nancy, your weather sounds kind of like ours. It's been a beautiful week here. I've gotten some more clean up accomplished in the garden. Should be able to do more next week, between Christmas preparations. I've already started my baking and candy making, so not too much more of that to do.

Laurel, I can sure sympathize with you about your sinus infection. I tend to have several every year myself, the last of which came on me in Oct. during a trip to NC to visit my DH who is working up there. I was totally sick the entire time. YUCK, no fun at all!! LOL

Ya'll all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year too.

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