Worm! Yikes..Need experienced help!

cotodahliagirlJuly 7, 2009

I just found a small gray worm in the top of one of my up and coming dahlia plants. I have searched around looking for info on what to do but couldn't find anything that was specific to my problem.

my upper leaves do have holes in them. The lower leaves don't.

Then I found this little guy under a leaf

and lastly...

I posted earlier about some other problems in my garden and would still like help with those issues-post is "can you identify this pest" and has photos.It seems like every plant I have has something going on....



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Those are great pictures. I think all the dahlia knowledge is out in their gardens. I have a question on the site also. I am really waiting to hear what you find out.

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That "worm" is a ladybug larva, a good guy...the holes you see are probably from a cabbage white or other larva. I suggest you go get some natural pest control, since the ladybug larva is there. Contact your local nurseryman, and ask for a non toxic form of pest management, good luck

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What are the white furry balls? I don't know if they are worms or what?

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