Cereus identification and need advice.

native_sonNovember 23, 2011

A couple of weeks ago a parent of a student I teach was nice enough to bring me a plant that she picked up from a friend of hers who is a master gardener. She said he told her it was a Night Blooming Cereus. The plant looks like it has gone a few years without replanting and also looks quite awkward. Some of the branches hang down over the edge of the pot and fit it very closely now.

I'm first wondering exactly what it is - I have looked a lot and I'm not very sure about it. I thought about repotting it (the pot doesn't have a good base so I need to put it in something where it won't leak when watered). So what could I do with this? Should I cut off some of these limbs and start them in new small pots? Any advice on this? It looks like a lot of branches have been cut off it in the past.

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Looks like Hylocereus undatus to me, also known as Dragon Fruit. The recumbent or climbing habit is typical of the species. Stem segments can easily be rooted to start new plants.


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If you want fruit you must first get the flowers, I could not cut cut them, I would put them all in one pot if they are the same species. Give them fast draining mix with 20% humis made up of forest mulch. Orchid mix would be great. Filtered light, warmth, moisture on a regular basis, when it is warm enough, give them a winter rest (dormancy) follow the instructions the other give you on this forum, the fruit is ediable only when ripe, if you like the taste.

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