Dahlia Bishop s children

sunita_fleuristeJuly 29, 2007

Hi all,

I m new to Dahlias... I m considering growing some Bishop s children from seed to put into the back of the border for next year. The site I m putting them in gets about 6hours of sunlight in the morning only.

Is this too little for them?

I wanted a dahlia that was tall and a prolific flowerer..

If anyone has suggestions for any other dahlias please let me know..

Also if you have pics of Bishops children in bloom please post some...all the pics I ve found on the net seem to from the seed companies.

Thanks :)


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^ hours? they will do fine, infact the shade will tned to make them taller.
I have seen some fine Dahlias in dapled sun, to near shade. You get less flowers but the tall lanky plants will stand out nicely. Be sure to stake them.

Dont know about Bishop's Children, 'cept I did a google image search and here you are..

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I grew 1/2 pack of these and I love them. The tallest is 38" & they don't need to be staked.

The Monarchs adore them, which was a surprise because I have never seen Dahlias on any nectar lists.

I don't have any pictures, but I would say the photo above is close, yet not accurate. About 30% had the dark eye and about 50% had the dark foliage, and mine were 100% single flowers. No semidoubles like the photo. I did't get any solid yellow (didn't want 'em anyway).

I probably should have sown the whole pack of 100 and then culled all the green ones when they were babies, but I didn't.

Some of these were so pretty that I am going to overwinter the tubers.

6 hours of sun is more than enough. I am growing mine in about 4 hours and they're fine.


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Anyone have a source for the seeds? All I seem to find available are plants and I want seed instead.


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I haven't had Bishops Children but have grown Bishop of Llandaff and Bishop of York in part sun/shade nd they were about 4-5 ft tall and just fabulous. No wonder Llandaff is one of the most popular dahlias of all time.

here are 2 seed companies that have it - just have to google
Dianes http://www.dianeseeds.com/Index.html

Thomson Morgan

heres's Llandaff and York grown in containers on the deck

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I made a mistake in saying mine grow in 4 hours of sun. I should have said "they get afternoon shade from at least 2:00 on. I think it's closer to 6 hours of sun.


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