Sea of Buds

oxmyx(6)July 29, 2007

I think this could be my best year, except for the lack of variety. (oxmyx drewels over Dahlia Boy's Flowers)

I have always gone for flower quantity as opposed to quality, or singularly enhanced flowers through dis-budding. In the past my method was to have two or three shoots per plant and them for several weeks pinch them back.

This year I did no pinching back, allowed only one shoot and made a new bed, in almost pure sand, well composted. I planted them very deep in holes - filled in as they grew. the first 4 to six lower leaves were eventually cut away to allow the soil to fill in the holes, and provide excellent air circulation underneath. I fed them well.

Note I did not stake them and the huge branches have grown together. I don't believe I will have to support them and I believe the deeply rooted huge stems will support themselves.

Thanks for Looking, Ox

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They are magnificent!

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the leaves are so clean and lush.

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They all look great! I took a trip out to Oregon a few
years back and stopped by Swan Island Dahlias. The had rows and rows of dahlias that weren't staked. I was amazed! Yours remind me of those.
I do find that some staking is required, if for nothing more than the occassional thunderstorm and associated winds. I woke up yesterday to find several branches had fallen over just from the shear weight of the stalks.
I tie religiously but still lose several stalks with the
weight of the blooms on top, especially when it rains.
All the best and stop by Elizabeth Park in Hartford on Aug 25 for the CT Dahlia Show.
Dahlia Boy

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Mine look similar, but I've had lots of blooms already. I started mine indoors this year, which gave me a 2 weeks head start compared to last year.

I have found that staking and tying close to the ground requires less tying later on.

Can anyone recommend a mail order vendor for dahlias? Thanks in advance!

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Hey Oxmyx, I adore purples and it appears you have quite a few. Please post your blooms when they appear---meanwhile congrats on your sea of buds.

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

Gorgeous! What do you feed them with?


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Thanks, sorry misslucinda, these are pink!

just got a decent camera, although I am not sure how the image below appears, since my monitor is now bad.

feeding as needed with miracle grow.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Beautiful, indeed. I have been feeding mine with miracle grow as well. Today was the last feeding for the year. From now on, I want them to grow more naturally, in preparation for a long winter. I will continue to water as needed though.

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jroot thanks, I also finished feeding for the year.... like minds

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