Out of 65 tubers planted...

fleegle96July 8, 2014

3 of them didn't take, and I sort of thought they might not since they were purchased at a big box store last year and probably froze over winter in my storage room.

Brings me down to 53... Of those...

Ryan C, Midnight Moon and Lambada have not broken ground after at least a month. I've gently unearthed them to see if anything is going on and Ryan C feels a bit mushy, even though I kept it clear of hose water. Midnight Moon and Lambada don't seem to be doing anything at all.

So then I'm down to 51 that have greenery above ground. Of those...

Tahoma Star, Stillwater Raspberry and one other whose name is escaping me... Those 3 were in an oversized pot that flooded with the massive rain we had yesterday. I just went to attempt to pull the tubers out so I could gently transplant them to drier soil and the tuber is almost non-existent. Pretty sure the greenery that I did replant for the heck of it won't take.

So I guess I'm now down to 48 green plants, the tallest of which is probably about 18-20" above ground now. I've topped most of them off and have a few that are flourishing more than others!

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It is nice to post success stories instead of the long list of "what did I do wrong?" or "what is eating my dahlias?"

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I hope my post didn't come across as complaining - I'm actually pretty excited that so many of them did so WELL. I mean... around 85% have greenery? That seems HUGE to me!

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portia(PA 6B, Brandywine)

It sounds great to me! I am completely intrigued by what sprouts vs what doesn't even if there are eyes. Sometimes the dahlias seem so finicky and other times so robust.

Can't wait to see your blooms!

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Love to hear your dahlia growing breakdown, Fleegle!

I try to plant varieties in pairs, as my original list of tubers always differs from my actual blooming plants each season. Also, I always try to put in plants (tubers with roots and actively growing sprouts) to avoid the tuber from rotting by taking in too much water before its ready to use it.

I'd say 80% success rate is about average for me, as well. When plotting the garden and sorting the plants to be put in, the absences always hurt the most, but are quickly forgotten as the blooms take over my world! The losses quietly make their way on my next year's wish list, and I try to learn from my mistakes or pick up a new trick for dealing with disease and pests.


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Joy's Joy and Stella were the first two to bloom!

Joy's Joy:


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Crossfield Ebony

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