Real time growth rates of Mexican Post Cactus

thekatocatNovember 19, 2012

New to horticulture and starting to appreciate all the different varieties of Cactus and Succulents out there.

We are looking to plant some Mexican Fence post up against a south facing wall here in Phoenix (9B) we've heard some varying info regarding growth rates. We've heard slow to moderate. Nursery say slow to justify the cost of larger plants but we have neighbors who said a foot/ year.

Just wondering what some of you all's experiences have been. Wanting to do some mental math to see if paying for larger specimens is justified.

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I think a foot a year sounds about right... I started out with a 1foot tall plant and it is now about 12' tall... that is in 7-8 years... so maybe even a bit faster if it gets a lot of water (mine do).

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Against a wall = hotter than usual, so you'd want to water more often, but a foot a year seems realistic, especially if you gave them some low-strength fertilizer several times during the main growing season (spring / summer).

I'm guessing by MFPC you mean Pachycereus marginatus?

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