What IS a venous orange?

garnetmoth(z6)October 8, 2005

"Common Name

Venous Orange (Orange Tree)

Botanical Name

Citrus x limonia 'Venous'"

Ok, learning from seeds, dear fiance has accidentally killed 2.... and I bought some cheap plants from Gurneys. I know, theyre NOT a citrus nursery. Theyve been really nice, and I got 3 silly crooked plants I wont feel a HINT of guilt using for scionwood.

So, ive got a key lime, a meyer lemon, and this "venous orange". "Fruit small, juciy, tart". I just wonder if anyone has ever heard of this variety, because I get a lot of garbage about aromatherapy and venous insufficiency when I search online.

thanks for any info!

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Not sure if this will help, try looking for Otaheite orange. This is a Citrus X limonia type.

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Venous orange has come up before. Citrus X limonia can = Citrus (anything in the genus) X Limonia(?). The book "The Citrus Industry" say of Limonia: The name Limonia was a nomen confusum, derived from two or more entirely discordant elements," which "must be rejected" in accordance with Article 64 of the latest International Rules of Botanical Nomenclature. Your plant could be most anything. My "guess?" is Gurneys just made the name up, however I really do not know. I would ask Gurneys what EXACTLY are they selling, if they even know. - Millet

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Actually, thats the saddest thing. Quotes is what they sent to me. The package called it a citrus sinensis, but the website said Venous orange. Im expecting hard tart baloney :-)

Point was pirmarily for me to get scion wood I wouldnt feel bad killing, so we'll see. Im going to wait till a new flush of foliage grows in well to try to ID from leaves, but the lime Ive grown from seed has WAY more round leaves than this "key lime", they might not know more than I do about the varities!

Ill get these seedlings thru a winter or 3, hopefully learn grafting, and when we get settled in again (3 more years for the Mr's college) ill buy good plants if mine dont make it.

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I wonder if it may be 'Mme. Vinous' [sic] -- a variety of sweet orange?

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This is a Citrus Mitis or calamondin tree. sad that the company doesnt know this

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