Lime tree lost all leaves

jagfanOctober 18, 2008

I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL and have a nine year old Persian lime tree. Begining in May it seemed to start dying one section at a time. The leaves in that section would dry up and fall off and any fruit would stop growing, turn brown and then fall off. I tried fertlizing, watered it as I have for the past nine years. The tree now has no leaves at all. The only thing that is different is the fact that I pruned the tree last year. The tree also had fewer blooms this spring.(had over 1500 limes in 2006)

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Can you post a pic? Any bug infestation? Scale in particular...

Are you able to check the roots at all. Make sure they aren't damaged or rotten.

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I would call your county extension and have them test the tree. There are many diseases but this one will kill the tree outright.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greening

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when do i remove the lime...they are large, dark green,pulling the branch down w/weight....should I cut them at the top? Have tried to pull but there is resistance. How do I start a cutting? What spray to keep off spider?

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Wow lemon lime,
That was such an awsome educational article and site on greening! I spent over a couple of hours on it,,,,,Thanks

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