July too late to plant dahlia tubers?

gardener_at_the_gateJuly 1, 2007

I just came into possession of four dahlia tubers that have not been planted this year. It's too late to plant them and have them bloom before first frost this fall, but I need to know if they will survive if I store them now in a cool, dry place.

What should I do to store them, OR should I go ahead and plant them now? I don't usually dig up my dahlias in the Fall -- I just mulch very heavily, and they seem to be coming back just fine.

Anyone with advice would be much appreciated. I'm new at this, and I really want to be sure these four dahlias survive until next spring.

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Noni Morrison

If you usually leave your tubers in the ground then just go ahead and plant them. EVen if they do not bloom they will be storing up energy underground for next year. I Am doing that now with some late sprouters, including some I found in the bucket of blind tubers that was waiting to go into the compost and got lost....:-)

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Is July too late to plant dahlias and tulips in the United Kingdom? Do they regrow each year or are they annuals?

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