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bibbus(7b)October 17, 2012

I really have enjoyed reading so many expert's advice on this forum. Thank you! I have a Duarte Bearss Seedless Lime tree that has one lime about the size of a large marble and 7 other tiny limes developing. It is planted in the original pot and is about 2 1/2 ft tall. The plant has new growth on a couple of the branches. Nights started to get cooler so for a couple of weeks I would take it in at night and then if warm enough put it back outside. We had a cold snap and I just brought it inside full time for a couple of weeks and put it in a sunny window. The larger lime has not grown much since I brought it inside. Now we are having consistently warm sunny days again and I wondered if I should try to let it get as much sun as possible or if its better to try to acclimate it to less sun for the winter. Also, does the movement jeopardize the limes development? Is it likely, if I don't have the ideal conditions inside that the limes will ever develop fully? One last questions, with all those limes, should I water it more or just continue to let the top dry out first before watering?

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i dont have any limes, but i'd let it get as much sun as possible, as long as its warm outside. have you thought about artificial lights?

continue with your regular watering.

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