Dahlia problem

nickers3July 13, 2013

I have been growing dahlias for 4 years now and have not had a problem until this year. I started my plants indoors and then transplanted outdoors 1.5 months ago. My plants have been droopy, then the bottom leaves started turning brown and dying, and moving up the stem until only about the top 1/4 of the plant has green foliage. I have 25 plants and this has happened to almost every one. Most of my stems have all turned a dark purple color. The first bloom I had did the same thing, the underneath of the bloom wilted and dried out. We had clay before and they grew fine. This year we dug the clay out and replaced with a topsoil. I am wondering if maybe they are missing a nutrient? I did fertilize with a Miracle Gro liquid hooked onto the hose. I have checked for spider mites and no evidence. I have been watering the same as always, and everything else in the garden around them seem to be doing fine. Any suggestions? THANK YOU!

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I'm not an expert in the garden but I had a similar problem last summer with my sunflowers. I came to the conclusion it is a fungal problem in the root system. We don't get much sun in the summer and sometimes the ground just doesn't warm up and dry out. I got a powder called Actinovate and fed the plants with it and it really helped. It definitely helps with fungal issues. I just treated all my plants today even though I haven't noticed a problem. The powder adds beneficial microbes that help root systems. My local hydroponics store also had another brand of microbe that also helps roots out but don't remember the name. Maybe go into your local stores and ask them. I found nothing at Home Depot and more commercial like nurseries. These items were carried in more organic gardening type places. I hope this helps.

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You might also try a tablespoon of Epson Salt at the base of each plant, watered in well. It is amazing how the Magnesium helps dahlia plants!

Good luck, and please update us on what you've tried, and it's result!


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