I got the ol box store switcheroo! (Lizalily!)

davidinsfJuly 26, 2012

Bought Penelope from either OSH or my garden center because I needed a yellow/orange blend for my yellow/orange section.

Then I went online and saw some Penelope's from growers that were NOT yellow orange. In fact, Dave's garden says Penelope is Mauve, Lavender and Lilac. Now mine is blooming and it is neither - I have a rather strange combo of a dinner plate sized Reddish dahlia with gold cream edgings around the red. It almost looks like Bodacious from the side.

Lizalilly - I noticed on another thread you said you had a Penelope. What color is it?

My Q: is this common for there to be same names on dahlias or is it because some are European but many others grown in the USA and neither cares what the other side has used as names? Or did I get the old "Oops, sorry" switcheroo where the wrong tuber went in the wrong package?

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Noni Morrison

Wow, that must have been an old thread when I had Penelope, she is gone from the garden for at least the last 3 years! But Penelope was definitely on the yellow/orange gold side. I can't remember specifically except that I never felt her color was quite up to par and that she needed more sunlight then she got here except for a week or two of summer when she was really pretty. I have not replaced her now that she is gone. I planted her about 12 years ago, and I think she came from either Costco or Home Depot then in a package with another one.

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This was what I got from a Penelope tuber this year:

Its yellow, orange, and with a hint of mauve/lavender on the tips. It has evolved a bit over the season. This is my first year growing it.

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Hi dahlialove

That 'penelope' is a beauty. I don't see the orange you mention but the yellow/lavender combo is fantastic. And of course it is nothing like the catalogs says a real Penelope should be.

My "Penelope" has morphed into a dinner plate - mostly red with dirty yellow gold in the middle but the kicker is all leaves have white tips. It looks a lot like (and actually may be) a Nick Sr, though the pics of Nick are much more red than mine. It is a Semi cactus and I actually cannot make up my mind if I like it or not. I am NOT a fan of Bodacious either - too busy for my taste - which may explain why Nick Sr would not be a favorite. But I moved it away from where I sit in the yard to the back section and it is starting to 'grow' on me. (Maybe out of sight, out of mind?)

I may have taken a pic of it and am getting the photos developed now so I may have a picture soon, which I will post as a "Anybody know this dahlia?" thread later. For now, I know some of you have Nick Sr and I wonder if yours have white rolled tips and if some are more gold than red?

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