Crassula ovata

poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)November 30, 2013

Well I just bought this 'jade' off of Ebay, and i have a nice little plant. I never thought to ask this of the seller, is this a natural dwarf? Or did i just buy a 'starter plant' ? I am asking the seller now, but thought I would ask jade growers, what do i have on my hands.

The name was listed as Crassula Ovata 'Fairy'. Is that a nick name for it? Or is that the name for this variety? I love the red color, and being in Fla. I think I can keep it RED, and find the right amount of light to not burn it, but keep it red. I just would like to know if this plant a variety called 'Fairy', or is that just a name they put on it to sell it. And is it a dwarf? Or is it just a starter plant? Anyone know?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Double post, blurry pic...did you look up the name given on Google or other search engine?

Can you try posting a better pic?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I believe I found the pic you used from eBay. The listing won't come up, but can see they used Fairy Gardening as words in their tag. That doesn't mean its cultivar name is 'Fairy'. The plant looks like several. Could be 'Crosby's Compact', but could just as easily be some other.

Why don't you go back & ask the seller all the questions you have. They should be able to answer them.

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

i a msorry that i double posted. When i posted my first one, i came back to see it and could not find it anywhere, then when i posted the second one, of course there was the first one. I dont control the picture 'program, THAT is how the picture came up,if i could deltethem both, I would,. since it seems to be upsetting Rosemariero SO much,by all the replie I have gotten that are of no help. Why dont you just stop looking at it? If this site had an erase/delete button, i would use it. I am sorry. This is why i dont post anymore. But I took a chance this time, and sure enough the 'pickey' people are still here.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

What does the picture look like when you view it on your computer? To me, it is nothing more than a green, red and brown blurry blob. I cannot discern anything about the plant, so could not possibly offer any advice as to the name. Please try to take another picture of your plant and post i for us. Perhaps instead of posting the picture you posted a thumbnail that has been stretched to fit the screen, making it blurry.

Rosemariero is one of, if not THE best on this forum at identifying plants for us. Be happy that she took the time to try to look at your plant.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I think you assume too much, poohbearlvr. I'm not upset at all by it. I was just letting you know it was a blurry pic, that we wouldn't be able to tell you much by the ones you posted & that I found the original pic.

I thought I was being VERY helpful, considering what I had to work with. Did I not give you a possible ID for your plant? Sheesh!

Also, some people don't realize there's a double post. It just makes you & others aware, so they aren't thinking, "Huh?!?" We do understand how it happens.

We are "picky" people for a reason, using details given by your words or help you identify your plants. We're pretty good at it, but we can only go by what you give us. The folks here are also good about giving you information to help you with your plants. I spent my time & my knowledge to HELP you. SO SORRY you didn't appreciate it.

How about a non-picky response?: Looks like you may have a plant there. Looks like it may be a dwarf, but it looks huge in your pic. 'Fairy' sounds like a nice name for it. It must be so, if you got it from eBay! If it is a succulent, give it some water & sun. *

Edit: Thank you, Crenda! Very sweet of you! I was writing while you were posting.

Came back to can EDIT your post, poohbearlvr, just like I am doing now. On your 2nd, duplicate post, you can delete all the content & just write DUPLICATE POST. There...was that helpful???

*Sorry, you hit a raw nerve. You can see my knee-jerk reaction. Most people here who ask questions are grateful for the responses. I suppose I should expect that once in a while there will be some who don't get it...and take what was said the wrong way. I guess you're one of them, poohbearlvr.

This post was edited by rosemariero on Mon, Dec 2, 13 at 11:12

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I agree, if Rosemarie can't identify it, then it probably can't be identified...Why resort to rudeness when someone is trying to be helpful? How about some manners, please?


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


Pls. DO calm down. It wasn't picky of her.

The unfortunate pix you posted shows nothing but red & green blur. I STILL can't see what's in that pic even tho' you've told us so. At least she was trying to help.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Where oh where is Poohbear, it's funny that you've disappeared?
Please do not be so abrasive on the forums, ppl here ARE trying to help, but you just don't get it, manners go a long way you know. No one was being picky esp RoRo.
I don't expect you will be back tho?!
Gill UK

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I'm interested in catching flies. Would guys suggest Honey or vinegar?


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val1(z4 UT)

I have always found the people on this forum very helpful when I have had questions and I have always been grateful for any responses. Sorry to hear that someone was upset when others were just trying to clarify what was needed to provide that help.

I also found the picture that Rosemariero found, and I believe this is the listing from eBay. To see the listing, I just clicked on "completed auctions". As Rosemariero stated the seller used the the word "Fairy" to describe the type of gardening the plant could be used in, such as for a fairy garden or a bonsai garden. I agree that Poonbear should contact the seller and ask some questions. Most sellers are happy to provide information.;hash=item3a87419ff3

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Here is the full-sized picture from the listing val1 posted. It says it is plant #2, so while your plant may be #1 poohbearlvr, it is probably from the same plant. You can confirm that this is the same as the plant you purchased.

I read the ebay ad as Crassula ovata. I hope this picture helps confirm that.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Crenda,

You are too kind, the OP seems gone; guess we're just too 'picky' for them. Geez.

(Just caught RoRo's footnote of sarcasm: 'yes it's a plant', aha ha ha.)

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