How did your tubers do?

busy-girlJuly 19, 2009

Well it's time that everyone's dahlias should be I have some questions...If you ordered dahlias from a did they do? Did you have an adequate success rate? Where did you purchase them and would you order from the same place again next year. Thanks Jan

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manifest(USDA 11a, Sunset 24, CA)

I ordered 20 tubers from Accent Dahlias. Two tubers (of the same variety) failed, but I would re-order again without a doubt.

Also ordered from BJ Dahlias, all are growing.

Homestead Dahlias - I ordered around 6 tubers, only 1 tuber (a substitute) failed. I would order again, as well.

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I went crazy on the ordering and also bought from the Big Box stores. Here's what I found.

White Flower Farm: Excellent
I only bought one tuber, an Ace Summer Sunset, but it is by far the best tuber that I have. It is more than four feet high and has set out about eight very solid stems. WWF does not seem to develop tubers, but does do extensive testing to find the best ones. It shows.

Easy to Grow Bulbs: Okay
Many of their tubers just did not start, but they did send out replacements that are growing well.
They have excellent customer service and send out good bulbs. How they do depends on the heirloom

Swan Island Dahlias
Their tubers were good and they have excellent customer service.

American Meadows
I bought these bulbs from the local Agway. They started later than some of the others, but have been blooming since early July.

Big Box Stores
The most prolific dahlias to date are the Arabian Nights and Lavender Perfection that I bought at either Lowes or Home Depot in February. These have been blooming since late June. . . The varieties that I bought at these stores were also easier to start.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Hands down best tubers and rapid growth from Ferncliff Gardens. I defected dahlia shopping to Canada and am glad I did!

Second best and equally very good growth from Hollyhill Dahlias and B & D Dahlias where I tried plants and potroots for the first time.

The Dahlia Guy had a couple that never eyed up and never responded to my email so....

Wynne's, I'm very sorry to say, are having a disappointing year here with slow starts on a few and a higher than normal percentage of rotters. Several good growers from there though.

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Missy, Traverse City, Mi Z5

For the second year in a row I have had terrible results from Connell's Dahlias. Out of ten tubers only four are showing promise. The others look like little annual transplants that are just starting. The tubers that I bought from my local grocery store are doing great. One of the tubers, Kelvin Floodlight, had two eyes when I bought it so I split it and I now have two beautiful, huge dahlias that have been blooming for two weeks ( I started them inside so they had a head start).

Connell's say they guarantee their dahlias, so I intend to get my money back this year. I have had it with mail order dahlias and intend to stick with the ones available at my local stores. The selection may be limited, but at least they always grow for me.

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The reason I asked is because I was wondering if anyone has ever ordered from FGL up in Quebec. I had the most astonishing bad tubers. 30 0f the 89 that I ordered did not grow and rotted on the inside. When I contacted them they did not respond ...I kept emailing till they responded. Albeit this is their first year they where rude and definitely said they where not sending a refund...First and last time with this supplier!!
I Agree that Ferncliff is very good...great tubers
I like Swan's as well...yes I've also found their customer service to be good.
I ordered from a fellow in Canada called Sids and his customer service was great and most of the tubers did well! He happily sent me a refund cheque with a nice little note.
I would not however order from Charing house again. Tubers where rotten and the replacements where just as bad.

I don't even really mind if some tubers don't make's more about the customer service!

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I ordered some plants from Corraltos, tubers from Swan, Ferncliff, Durch Gardens as they have a small which I like. All my plants are slow and low. Wide growth this year and I don't know why except we had alot of rain in June. I don't think any of them will needs stakes. Very disappointed. Good info on Wynne's as I was going to order all 80 from them next year. I have had few failures so can't name a particular place. Would stay with Ferncliff and sometimes Holly hill as they have some unusual flowers.

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Poochella- Re: Wynne's Dahlias-- just let me know which ones didn't grow for you & we'll replace them next year!

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

I ordered from Accent Dahlias and had 2 out of 10 not do anything.

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i purchased 4 dinnerplates from American Meadows. I planted these a little bit late (mid may ish, I want to say) but 3/4 are growing tall and *hopefully* will flower soon. One is a bit puny, not growing much at all, but is not looking diseased or anything. *shrug* 2 of these were Otto's thrill, and 2 were Duet's.

I purchased 4 medium-sized from Dutch Gardens. 2 purple pearls which are doing VERY well (and i planted these late, at the same time i planted the others) and 2 others (mr optimist, i believe it was) which are not doing quite as well. One is doing okay, just growing slowly but healthy, the other one is growing at a glacial pace. it couldn't be more than a few inches tall, it's sad. I guess that one didn't turn out so successful, and hopefully it will next year.

however, I do have a few other dahlias (which i purchased in pots at a greenhouse) that are doing very well. A kelvin Floodlight, Balance, Ecstasy, Thomas Edison, Who Dun It, and some pom-pom's that I don't know the name of)

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I bought 30 from Wynne's Dahlias this year (got 5 free ones, too)- first time I ordered from them. You can tell every Wynne dahlia in my garden- they're head & shoulders above all the rest with beautiful healthy bushes & strong straight stems. Loaded with blooms. Wynne's Sensation is the best large dahlia I've ever grown & I've been growing for 40 years. I'm definately ordering from them in the future.

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Has anyone ordered from Ablume Gdn. BC. or St. Albert Park Edmonton? I didn't order from them but thought of it and wondered what there tubers were like. I have ordered from Ferncliff in the past and was always happy with their plants. This year I picked up tubers at the NW Garden show in Seattle. I bought from Swans, Dahlia Barn and Dans. All seem to be growning though not all are flowering yet. A couple had to be moved because they were behind something else which was probably my fault.

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