have you had luck with the following dahlias? See list

HighlanderNorthJuly 27, 2011

Here are the Dahlias I bought this year, and I'm wondering if anyone else has grown any of these? (I did see on another thread I started that another person has grown Vassio Meggos and Fuzzy Wuzzy)

So far, only 1 has flowered, after being planted in early May with 2 others, but it was obviously mislabelled, and I had bought it from a local store.

The other dahlias were planted on May 25(3 of them), and June 11(4 more)

**These I bought from Swan Island: These were planted May 25 and June 11.

1. Fuzzy Wuzzy

2. Crazy Legs

3. McAllister's Pride

4. Vassio Meggos

5. Citron De Cap

6. Freckle Face

7. Tutti Frutti(grew to 4", then died)

**These others I bought as tubers from a local store:

1. Contraste(rotted in the ground after week long rain/May)

2. Blackberry Ripple

3. Rembrandt (Was mislabeled, dont know what it is really, only that it is really ugly)

I've planted them 5 inches deep in mixed organic soil(PH 6.5 - 6.9) with good nutrients, and given them water manually whenever needed, usually every 2 days, as it hasn't really rained enough for 6 weeks, and its been HOT. I topped them at the 3rd leaf level.

The plants all basically look healthy, but some are growing faster than others, and 2 now are starting to grow flower buds, which should open in a week or so.

Anyway, have you grown any of these, and what were your results? Please mention the size of the flowers of the varieties on this list that you've grown, thanks....

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

It's my first year for #3 and #4 (I'm too lazy tonight to spell them out). #4 was really slow to get started. #3 has buds and I'm excited to see it bloom...

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Mislabeled? That's sad. Although dahlia flowers are my favorite, there's always that dahlia variety that attracts me the most. So, purchasing a mislabeled set of dahlia tubers is a big "NO" for me. You can check a clean and well-organized selection of dahlias below. This time no more mislabeled dahlia packs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lynch Creek Dahlias

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I've heard good things about that grower, but it's certainly not the only good one. I consider Swan Island to have consistent quality. They've never sent me a wrong dahlia in the 3 years that I've ordered from them. But these two are not the only good growers. You can find good growers by using the search words "dahlia biglist" in your search engine. Most commercial growers specializing in dahlias get you the variety that you ordered.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

Note that the OP bought the mislabeled one from a local store, not Swan Island.

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Box stores do make mistakes, and I'm not sure how important box stores regard their labels. Bought a "Peaches and Cream" last year that I've been told is probably "Seattle." But in this case, I bought the plant because I really liked the bloom, not for the name.

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Noni Morrison

I have Tutti Frutti this year and it is doing really well. Its pink with a golden glow at the base and holds up well to sunshine. This is its 2nd week of blooming and it seems like it will be quite prolific.

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