Neglected Meyer Lemon

born_free(Sydney)October 5, 2013

Hi All

I am a newbie to this forum and to keeping plants alive.

We have a Meyer Lemon tree in a pot that has been neglected. Although it looks alive it has very few leaves. Some leaves have very yellow veins and are dropping off. It keeps blooming however I have since found out that this is an indication of stress and not new growth.

I have treated leaf miner with a home made soap and oil spray. It is now being watered regularly. Recently I've given it a good feed and added new mulch. To treat the yellow veins I've given it a good watering of Epsom salts and iron chelate. I take off the new flowers as I see them.

What else can I do? A friend with a green thumb has mentioned it probably has a dry root ball as water just flows straight though it.

Do you have any handy hints for me? How can I treat a dry root ball - do I just keep saturating it?

Thank you in advance ... I really hope it's not too late for TLC!

As an FYI, we are in Sydney Australia and it's spring.


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Another photo taken just before the yellow veins.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Okay, spring is good. First off, remove the fruit. Your poor little tree needs to not expend any energies at all trying to ripen a fruit in that condition. Next, check the soil. Stick your finger down in it, and see if it is dry. If so, I would soak the tree very, very well a whole bunch of times to re-hydrate your soil. Also, you don't mention what kind of potting soil you've used. I would suggest a high quality cactus mix, or you can make your own mix using the 511 potting soil recipe on this forum. You should be fertilizing with every watering (only fertilize after watering first, NEVER apply fertilizer to dry roots, as it can burn the roots) with 1/2 strength fertilizer. Many of us like to use DynaGro's Foliage Pro, it has a good NPK balance plus all the micros. Also, I would suggest trying to find a time release granule with a good NPK ratio and micros as well (5-1-3 NPK ratio) to help sustain the tree. You're coming into your growing season, so let's see if these things will help your little tree recover.

Patty S.

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garret_87(Zone 6)

I agree that you should check to see if the soil around the base is dry a few inches down. The root ball might be bone dry. Keep up on waterings if it is dry.

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how long has it been in that pot? prehaps it is root bound and needs to be repoted with all fresh new soil.

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Hi All

Thanks for your advice.

The tree has been in the pot for a year so I doubt it's root bound. I have been saturating the plant and have given it a good feed. The sole lemon was removed too.

Literally overnight new leaves have sprout. I can only hope this means it's on the road to recovery.

I have added an irrigation point so it will be regularly watered and I will feed it again in a couple of weeks.

Thank you again and hopefully soon I can post a photo of it not looking so naked.

I will now no longer think because it it flowering and growing lemons that it is a sign it needs no care!

Thank you :)

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