Key lime holding too much fruit

yellowthumb(5a Ontario)October 3, 2011

Hi Guys,

I bought a nice two feet tall key lime tree this summer. It's a healthy bushy tree with one key lime and there are no thorns on the tree. I read somewhere that key lime is tropical, and sometimes not easy to set fruit.

I re-potted the tree into 5:1:1 mix, no single leaves lost, right now, it's loaded with pea sized limes. Most on the tips of the branches. Typically one tip would hold 5 or 6 fruits in a cluster. Should I think the fruit? I do observe one thing unusual, the flowers of the key lime tree is kind of tiny, and flower petals not full open with a stigma sticking out. Is there something wrong?



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i have no first hand knowledge of key limes, as far as thinning the fruit, citrus trees will generally take care of that, but it doesn't hurt to thin it out a little.

the flowers do sound a bit odd. what are the growing conditions? light, water, soil, potted/in ground, temps, bugs, etc

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Hi Yt,
What your finding with your key lime flowers is nothing unusual. Some of the flowers wont be fertile. These flowers wont have the stigma sticking out. Also, what houston texas is saying about the fruit needing to be thinned is dead on. I think I read somewhere that only 10% of the fruits will hold on. IT may actually be less than that but your tree will only hold onto what it can without stressing the tree itself.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I have a key lime and it acts just like what you have posted. Mine is about 3-4 feet tall and I get maybe 20 fruit. Mine are on the small side about the size of a large marble. It was set back this spring when I did a complete bare root so Im sure thats why they are smaller than what I expected.


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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Thanks guys for the help.

The growing condition is not bad at all. It's being kept warm, and we had excellent summer this year. I just hope it's just transplant shock. At least I got limes, but nice flowers is always a big bonus for me.


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