Meyers lemon check-up

balconyEve(8)October 22, 2012

I got a potted Meyers lemon tree in May. It's been on my balcony facing east/northeast.

Since May it's doubled in size (or more!) and seems healthy. It has three big lemons that are just starting to turn pale. It feels like I've been waiting forever.

The weather in SC turned cool a couple weeks ago (50s and 60s at night.) It just started new shoots, which I'm guessing are blooms (fun!) See photos.

I think it's outgrowing the pot. I didn't expect it to grow so fast. It's currently in a container 18" in diameter. Any tips on repotting?

I'm concerned that the branches are weak. There's no real trunk like a tree. It's very bushy. Is there a way make it grow stronger or taller?

Any suggestions? I'm so proud of my little tree!

Thanks for taking a look.

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Green lemons

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Leaves & lemons

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ps. Can someone point me to instructions to upload multiple photos in one post?

Thanks for your feedback!

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It looks good to me; the new shoots seem healthy, but I don't see blooms. The most common times for flowers in Feb-Mar and Aug-Sep for your area; although mature trees often flower throughout the year. Don't be concerned about the bushiness, Meyers are more like a bush than a tree. Assuming you are going to move the tree indoors soon, I would opt for re-potting in the Spring. Be sure to do the move indoors gradually; start now by moving to partial shade; in two weeks to full shade; and 2 more weeks to indoors. Reverse that process when you put it out in the Spring and you should avoid the common leaf drop that Meyers experience when significant light changes occur.

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new branches, no blooms yet.

like John said, its naturally more of a bush than tree.

i'd wait till spring to repot. do you know what potting mix you want to use? there's bagged potting mix that you can add in additional perlite to increase drainage, or Al's gritty mix or 5-1-1 mix.

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Thanks Houston & John

I thought new growth looked like leaves, but I don't remember so many of them showing up at once.

I'll move it inside gradually. In May, I potted it with some sort of average potting soil plus a little mushroom compost. Seems like it worked well. I have some citrus fertilizer that I added once this summer.

Thanks again!

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New leaves?
Tropicals produce leaves all at once, thats why they call it a "flush".

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