When do HB Pummelos typically ripen?

jaybird3316October 9, 2011

This is my first successful season of growing HB pummelos. I have about 9 big ones on my tree. They have turned from a dark green to a lighter yellow.

When do they typically ripen? November/December?

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As with many citrus, the maturity depends a lot on where you are growing them. Example, in California and Arizona they don't get ripe till late January; but in Florida and South Texas they get ripe starting in late October. The HB, Hirado Buntan, is one of the main varieties grown in Japan; it typically ripens there in February. There are also a lot grown in the Philippines in the South island of Mindanao; and there they ripen in October. The best pomelos or pummelos for eating are typically left on the tree longer, to get bigger, sweeter, and, if you will, "drier", less juicy. Personally I much prefer the Chandler, or the pink variety they grow in Thailand. I don't know the name of it; but to my taste virtually all tropical fruits taste better in Thailand.

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Thank you. That is really good information. I may have to just try one. I have about 9 on the tree.

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