I will be moving to a new house.

sulley(z5 OH)August 26, 2006

I will be moving to a new house towards the end of Sept. I have some dahlias that were given as a gift from my dad and want to take them along. Not being a dahlia expert..... would I cut back the foilage now and then store them over the winter -OR- would I take the whole plant with me and transplant it into the ground wait for the growing season to finish then cut it back for storage?

The dahlias are about 15 inches high and have bloomed beautifully all summer.

I sure would hate to leave the plants here. (The person moving in has admitted to no interest in gardening and I do not want the tubers to become sentimental mulch!)

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grannymarsh(z4-5 U.P. MICH)

If it is likely that you will have a killing frost, then cut them back and prep them for storage.(as close to actual moving time as possible ) OR, try to carefully dig up the plant without damaging the tubers and replant them in their new location. You don't mention if you are moving to a similar, colder or warmer climate ?? Be very careful that you have an understanding with the new owners. Best of luck. Marsha

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Dig them up, try to remove with as large a root ball as you can and deposit into a large box for transport, then plant them immediately at the new location and let them wither after a hard frost before removing for storage.

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sulley(z5 OH)

I will be moving only a couple miles away from my current residence. (As soon as we find a house!)

I currently live in northwestern Ohio, and the moving date will be towards the end of Sept. So, I should try to take the plant, root ball, being very careful not to damage the tubers and replant them into their new home, asap- correct? Then after a heavy frost cut back the foilage and store them for the winter.

If we don't find a place to move into this may all be a moot point. And then I will be forced to leave them here. :(

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Don't leave them there in any case - not if they were a gift from your dad - you can surely grow them in big pots where ever you happen to end up.

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Well, no matter what the new owners SAYS....she may have different feelings if you were to just remove the plants without consulting her. OK, she says go ahead...

Then do the lifting when she has taken possession of the house....after all, its her plants now...not yours...no matter what feelings you have for them.

Get it on paper...."xxxx, hereby agrees to allow yyyy to remove said plants on....date...06....

This then gives you some protection against what maybe another member of the household might think about the idea.

If you have such permission, she sounds like a reasonable person...then ask permission to come back AFTER a killing frost and remove the plants at that time.
You are then protecting the plants ability to be removed at the proper time.
Then take them home and store them properly.

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