Feeding with the foilage pro

bigmario(sfbayarea9-10)October 4, 2010

Hello all,

I was wondering if I should keep giving my potted trees the 1/4 strength fp all year long? I live in the sf.bay area and leave them outdoors all winter. I just cover if we get a frost warning or move them close to house under an eve. Also how much vinegar do you ad to the water when watering?



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Whether of not it's appropriate to continue to fertilize at 1/4 strength each time you water depends on your watering habits and how fast your soil drains. If you're using an open soil that drains well, and you're watering so at least 10-15% of the water you apply exits the drain every time you water, then it's appropriate. If you're using a soil that forces you to water in small sips because you have to worry about root rot if you water copiously, then it's not.

The 'right amount' of vinegar per gallon is the amount it takes to bring your irrigation water down to a pH of about 5.8-6.0, so the amount will vary from grower to grower, depending on pH and alkalinity of their water supply.


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Thanks Al,
I am using fast draining soil but was wondering if I fertalize through winter as I have heard not to feed at this time of year.

I will check the alk of my water.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

I fertilize all winter for my potted citrus (not the in-ground trees). They turn yellow if I do not. My potted trees are outside on sunny spots in my yard and I move them to protected spots in my yard when it gets below freezing occasionally and they all have done well so far.
I add a tablespoon of vinegar to a gallon of water and it seems to work for the water in my area.

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I am with Ashley....

Mine would do the same, even in much cooler temperatures..


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I have around 100 trees of varying genera under lights all winter, and they get fertilized every time I water - 12 drops of 9-3-6 per gallon of water. If you are on a weak dosage schedule, fertilizing every time you water, plants automatically get smaller amounts of nutrients as their water needs decrease. There is no harm in maintaining an adequate supply of all the essential nutrients plants normally get from the soil, in your medium. Would you stop taking vitamins or nutritional supplements, just because it's winter? You do need to be aware of and guard against practices that6 promote a build-up of soluble salts when you're watering less. If you end up having to water in sips, to allow for slow soils, it may not be appropriate to fertilize in the winter. because the plant is using less in the way of nutrients, and watering in sips ensures everything you apply to the soil in the way of salts, stays in the soil.

It's a common sense thing, and your decision should be based on an understanding of what's going into the soil and what's being flushed out.


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Thanks all of you,
I think I got it. I will keep up on the maintanence doses. I just ordered anohter gallon of fp so I can share it with my dad. I got a gallon and two 8oz. pump dosers for less than I got a gallon direct from dyna grow as I live very close to their manufacturing plant. Let me know if you want the web site. I paid 53 dollars delivered with tax to the door 53 bucks for a gallon and the 2 8oz. dosers

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Yes, please! We want the web site where you found the good deal on the dyna gro products.

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You have to order over the phone but the guy is super nice.

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