Dahlias from Michigan

spartacusAugust 22, 2007

Some more pictures of dahias. Had to water a lot this summer as we have a drought up here in Michigan.

Levonne splinter

My Love


Kelvin Floodlight

Show'n' Tell

Blackberry Ripple

Elsie Huston



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Sorry about the double post everyone I did the first post and it said rejected because I have a post by the same name, yet when I refreshed it, it wasn't there- so I renamed it and posted it; then I realized I had done it twice. Wish there was a delete button, sorry again

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Where can I get Bodacious for next year? It is beautiful. Do you know of any that are close to blue in color?

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I've looked at this post a few times and just noticed your backdrops - corn, pines and tomatoes - made me chuckle.
Anyway, thoese are gorgeous dahlias. I esp like the Bodacious and Spartacus. Where did you get Levonne Splinter - I'd like to have that one.

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I got Bodacious this year from Swan Island Dahlias.

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Where are you in Michigan? I am in mid-Michigan and my dahlia results have been iffy. Some are great, some not so great, some pathetic. I blamed it on the heat, because the best performing ones get more shade than the others. Yours, however, look beautiful. I love bodacious.

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Absolutely magnificent Dahlias!!! :)

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