pics from my aunt's yard

houstontexas123(z9a)November 8, 2012

visited my family today. took some pics of my aunt's citrus.

a sour mandarin, aunt's gonna cut it down, and is thinking about a blood orange to replace it.

a sweet orange

Ponderosa lemon

foreground is a kumquat, behind it is a sweet mandarin

other side of the mandarin

yes, the chickens eat cat food.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Those are some large citrus trees! How cute that the chickens and kitties all get along!

Patty S.

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looks like the mandarin my Mother had in her garden in Sacramento; I seem to remember it was Satsuma, but that could be wrong. I know quite a little about citrus; but no matter what we did, those fruits were always sour! Finally took it out and put a Meyer in it's place; everyone, including the mailman was happy for that!

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che_perry(7, Coastal Va)

love the cat buffet

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Seems a shame to cut down such a beautiful tree. I'd love to be able to grow anything similar here in England!
Before you replace with a blood orange, check that they perform in your local area. They are quite particular in their climate requirements, and will otherwise produce a smallish, not-very-sweet orange with no red coloration.

I always admire Johnmerr for being a great ambassador for Meyer's Lemons. However, I can't be the only one who's not so keen on them. I find them too sour to be eaten like a sweet orange or mandarin, and not lemony enough to be used as a true lemon.

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Houston! Wow. Can I pull a chair up and sit under one of those trees while in full bloom? Just beautiful and big!!
You are so lucky to go there any time you want too.

Now, they have a program about animals that get along that usually would not and you should submit! lol
I have never seen cats eating out of the same bowl as

Thanks a lot for sharing with us.


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Ambassador? for Meyers?? I have 16,000 trees now; and believe it or not, England is the ONLY place on the planet where the introduction of Meyers was less than a stellar experience. Go figger... the English like the horribly bitter flavor of "lime" for gin and tonic; they will likely never be educated to the finer flavors of lemon. Sorry for being a curmudgeon; but I am of "English" ancestry.. a Celt in truth; and I have never understood the lack of culinary appreciation in the UK... apologies to Gordon Ramsey.

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