Little coppery surprise

ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)November 30, 2011

A single Kalanchoe orgyalis at the local nursery. I knew better than to leave without.

It had two tiny surprises coming up at the base, and I'm not positive if they're Kalanchoe marmorata, but if so, quite happy because marmorata has been on my list!

First flower among the cacti today

And the Jades are a'comin' back

-- Colleen

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Great shots, Colleen! Congrats on you K. orgyalis score. I never see them in small pots, only big and out of my price range. I have a small cutting that grows VERY slowly.
I'm sorry, but I don't think those babies are marmorata. They look like baby Bryos to me. If so, they have fast roots that may crowd the main resident.
Funny thing about K. marmorata, I never see it at the nurseries but it's common in the landscape design of our local harbors. For that reason, it's becoming a common plant around town... as only a nerd like myself would notice.

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As you know, I'm as fond of this plant as you are and am as pleased as punch that you have one. I agree, that's a dreaded Bryophyllum growing there, (almost) certainly B. diagremontianum or B. tubiflorum.


Good to see you back - don't be such a stranger. Had I known your situation vis a vis the K. o., I would have started one for you. I should have several plants growing anyway, but the room is limited here at the inn.

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

I was pretty happy! It had a broken-off leaf at the base that I'll see if I can get to root. Didn't need to spent the few dollars, but couldn't leave without. A little over a year ago, I saw a lovely Kalanchoe beharensis and left without it...stupid, stupid, stupid. Never quite got over it, and haven't seen it since.

OK, I'll pluck those little babies out of there tomorrow. I was figuring I would anyway, but with a possible fast root system, I certainly will.

I don't see many Kalanchoe around here, really. Happy to hear marmorata is becoming more common somewhere, at least. I've yet to see one!

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Thanks, Jeff. I'll try to pop in more often, been very busy with work. Lately, just enough time to maintain the horde. I think I'll give my K. o. a little more light, see if won't grow better.

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That's an admirable show of spirit for Kalanchoe collection - I'm sure you wouldn't think to let it happen again, so we'll speak no more of that lapse of judgement, eh? You're an eminently sensible person (see sorrow because of not-purchasing-the-Kalanchoe for verification). Believe you me, I have had those plants-that-got-away moments, and it's visibly aged and tenderized me.


It's best in full sun - it will do with less, of course, but the luscious copper colour will be shy with its appearance. Since you are where you are, you should be able to grow it outside 24/7.

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