Moving From TN to MI

GreenEarthLawns(7/East TN)August 23, 2013

Hi everybody!

It looks like I'll be moving from Tennessee to Michigan sometime in mid-September. I'm looking for input on how to move my dahlia tubers (~60 total). I'm thinking of digging them up and cutting them back heavily, labeling them and putting them in a bin of damp peat moss for the journey. It'll probably be three to four days from the time of digging to replanting.

However, the first frost where I'll be moving to is sometime in late September to early October. That said, I'm thinking I should still replant them upon arriving and let them experience a killing frost to allow them to go dormant for the winter, as I'd imagine they'll still be in growth mode, but I'm not exactly sure on how to go about that, or if there is a better alternative. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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Do not even think about re-planting them in the ground in Michigan. They will be ripe enough to store if you dig them about September 15th and would not benefit at all from being replanted. And the risk of a killing(kill the tubers too) frost is too high. It is a total myth that dahlias need a frost to go dormant for storage. They are plants native to the mountains in Central America where it does not frost and they go dormant there during the winter.

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I had to dig mine early one year because I was leaving the country for three months. I think I dug them in early September, and stored them as I usually do with no real issues the next year.

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GreenEarthLawns(7/East TN)

Thanks for the thoughts, looks like I better get to work soon!

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welltraveled(z5Mid Mich)

Michigan has great Dahlia societies and Fabulolus growers

Mid Michigan Midland has huge dahlia gardens

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