moles moles GO AWAY!!!!!!!

richg62inNY(z5 NY)August 22, 2005

How can I keep the moles off my dahlia bulbs? (and tulips) also I need some good info on fall dig up and winter care! thanks richginNY

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Poochella(7 WA)

Hi RichG, This is going to be gross so sit down. Forget the electronic gizmos, castor oil with pepper sauce, traps and war dances. The newest info I have heard is to put male urine, not just run of the mill urine, but a male's urine into the mole hole or run. You'd need to excavate into the telltale mound of soil and find an opening. How you get urine there is your business, but I have heard it works.

They are circling my big dahlia bed as we speak, new mounds forming daily and rest assured I will be speaking to the husband about his fair share of yardwork, I'm just working on my delivery speech detailing his new duties.

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bernie__pa(z6 Pa.)

Rich, moles can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at them. Its been my experience that mice that invade the mole tunnels are the culprits that chew the tubers and my cat takes care of those. I like the moles because they forage for the grubs both in the fall and spring that would have become Japanese beetles. The birds take care of the earwigs so I'm vitually free of insect damage on my dahlias. I am a 100% organic gardener and am reluctant to upset nature's balance with chemicals of any kind.

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WOW Come to think of it it does work. I have had moles RANCID in my backyard(which is fenced in) and I have been peeing, along w/ my male beagle for about 2 weeks and not have seen moles. AT ALL!! WOW ok 1 problem! Now they are in my front yard. NOT fenced in! What to do?! I guess when I wake up to take my 2am wee wee it will be in my front yard! Thanx for the posotive info I NEEDED IT! I feel like I'm in Vietnam battling these freekin moles! By the way I am a new home owner in Deltona, Fl so this is all new to me! any comments will awesomely help!!!

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I had problems with moles digging tunnels through the root system of my dahlias. In the hot summer this would cause my dahlias to wilt so bad in the afternoon because of so much damage to the root system. Many would just die out after a few weeks, even with water every day. My solution was to get that small mesh chicken wire, small enough that moles can't get through the holes in the wire. Then I dug a hole about 12 to 14 inches deep, about 12 inches in diameter. Then cut the chicken wire to put around the wall of the hole, and cut another one in a circle shape to put in the bottom of the hole. Then just filled in the hole with dirt and planted the dahlia. Worked great. No more problems with wilting dahlias in the hot summer sun with reasonable watering.

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