lighting for droopy jades

mari66November 16, 2011

I am glad to have your advice now I need more help

Thank you everyone-- I am sure it is a lighting issue--

yet would never have figured it out on my own

How would you suggest I use grow lights?? I have a fluorescent grow light under the cabinet my hubby put in

yrs ago for me-- have not used it much--

perhaps a new bulb is in order ???

Do u think this will work and if so- like how many hours a day etc. cuz it sure is cloudy and drab here this time of year

I simply need to have these Jades happy and healthy--

able to grow into some of those large beautiful plants you post on this site

Also do u mist Jades ???

Thank you all and wishing everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving !!!


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Mari. About misting. I mist 'Tropicals' daily..Especially in winter.
I was going to comment on your other thread, but forgot.
Since Jades are succulent, there's really no need to mist. When I can, Jades are hauled to the sink and get a shower, w/o hitting soil.

Are your Jades near a window? If you set them under lights will they get natural light and artificial?

If your succulents are not getting natural sun, lights should be on about 14 hours per day.

My succulents are before south and west windows. At sunset, I turn on the lights..about 4-10pm. 6-7 hours per night. Another shelf w/lights has a timer that turns on about 5pm, off about 11:30pm.
However, the window faces north, and a few feet from west. There aren't any succulents on this shelf..Mostly Orchids and Aglaonemas. Tropicals.

Is your light adjustable? If so, lower or raise Jades close to the bulb.
Fluorescent bulbs don't produce much heat if any, incandescent bulbs do. Toni

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Good to hear from u
my Jades are usually in west facing window -since everyone feels it's not enough light I just starting using artificial light under the counter during these dark rainy days-- it is dark here before 4:30
I will increase the time as u said-
This light is not adjustable
I will give leaves a shower as u do-- like 6-8 weeks or
so as they get dusty ???? Had been wiping them with soft damp cloth but this way is less work I think
Thank you so much for all your help
Today one bottom leaf fell off--a little shriveled --this has not happen much--yet the trunk is growing so guess its normal--I'll do more pictures-- I am giving the smaller jade to my grand daughter and know she will enjoy having it--

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Don't give your plants showers in winter - they don't need that kind of water when the ambient temps are in the 15-20C/65-72F ranges - this will only promote rot at this time of year. If the size of your plants are as you posted, hand-water only at this time of the year.

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