Dahlia all leafy growth, no blooms

redsox_gwAugust 9, 2007

I tried an intermediate dahlia this year for the first time. I am no expert....I fertilized about monthly with MiracleGro. A couple of weeks ago I got tremendous foliage growth, the plant got pretty tall (intermediate, that is) but no blooms whatsoever. Did I overfertilize?

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In my experience you cannot over fertilize these heavy feeders. Is there enough sunlight? maybe your variety is a late bloomer - I have one that is just setting buds.
When did you plant?

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Full full sun in the spot. It has already bloomed a few blooms so I don't think it is a late bloomer. I planted it in early-mid May. It was growing (foliage) slowly and then all of a sudden it got huge.

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How big is huge?
I would be interested in seeing a picture of it if you can...

Have you looked very closely at the growing tips to see if there are tiny buds starting?

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