Schlumbergera question: Liberty or Thor?

Cyirra(4)November 27, 2012

I was liking at the different auctions on eBay of Schlumbergera. I saw Thor Jessica. Is Thor Jessica the same as Liberty Jessica? It is so hard to find pictures of the different blooms on the Schlumbergera and there really is no good reference book that I can find that includes pictures. Is this just a naming mistake on the part of the person that is holding the auction or is there really a Thor Jessica that is different from the Liberty Jessica?

Anyone know where someone could find a list of the different Thor's and Liberty's? I found lists of the Queens, and Dancers.

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Laura Robichaud

I wish I could answer your question. There is a group on Facebook run by a European man who hybridizes Schlumbergera. He might be able to give you the info you need.

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Thanks for the tip! I wish there was information more readily available on these but there are so many varieties! I don't think anyone would be able to keep up!

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