Optimum soil temperature for overwintering

cearbhaillNovember 7, 2012

I have heard that keeping the soil temps up during overwintering is as important as the air temperature.

What is a good soil temperature to aim for?

I will be overwintering in an unheated garage with south facing windows (lucky, right?). I say unheated but it usually doesn't get below freezing as I have HPS lights for orchids out there as well but they don't run 24/7. I will have the citrus trees on heat mats and want to keep them nice and warm but do not want to cook them.

So what to set the soil temperature?

Should it go lower in the night?

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if its warm enough for orchids, its warm enough for citrus.

unless you have immature fruits, then it needs to be around 80'F day time, and probably no lower than 70' night time.

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Sorry- I did not include details of my setups because I did not want to complicate things :)

The orchids and lighting are in a HydroHut- an enclosed greenhouse thingamajig that keeps humidity in. The contraption sits in my garage and keeps the ambient temps up to a degree but it does get cool at night, especially outside the enclosure which is where my citrus are.

If the air temps are 35-40F I thought warmer roots would be better.

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if your citrus don't have any fruit on them, then 35-40F would be ok.

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Thank you.

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